Wolfchild – PA176

We’re back with another stellar euro platformer, this time in the form of Wolfchild, developed by Core Design. Your father Kal Morrow, expert in genetic research and creation of human-animal hybrids, has been kidnapped and the rest of your family was brutally murdered by the terrorist organization CHIMERA. You take control of his surviving son Saul to exact revenge against CHIMERA and their leader Karl Draxx.

Core Design is best known for their work on the first few Tomb Raider games, as well as other games like Rick Dangerous, Jaguar XJ220 and the Fighting Force series.

Simon Phipps, one of the early members of core and a lead graphic designer on Wolfchild published a great article on his website which is where we gathered a lot of the information for this episode. He talks about the origin of the game, the inspiration for its design (Strider, Island of Dr. Moreau, etc) and some notes about animation and the various releases.

Music this time around is handled by Martin Iveson on the original Amiga, Atari ST and later reimagined Mega CD version, with the Genesis, Game Gear and Master System covered by Pixelated Audio veteran Matt Furniss, and down porting duties from the Mega CD to SNES by Steve Collett. There’s more good music than you can shake a stick at across the 7 different platforms and we hope you enjoy it!

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Gremlin Graphics with Neil Biggin – PA175

Today we’re joined by industry legend Neil Biggin in an absolutely massive show! Neil regales us with hilarious stories as we cover a wide range of his electronic music during his time at Gremlin Graphics from about 1992-1996. He walks us through some memories of landmark events during the 16 and 32-bit eras: the launch of the CD32, the first days of the Playstation, and being at a company with one of the world’s first motion capture studios.

Neil Biggin began his career with Zool 2 on Amiga, and continued with games like the CD32 versions of Zool 1 and 2 and Top Gear 2, Top Gear 3000, the Actua (or VR) sports games, Loaded, Re-Loaded, a number of FIFA games from 1997-2000, and music porting duties for the Desert/Jungle Strike games. His earliest works are teeming with the lovely sounds of Rave and House music, but as his sound progresses he gets deeper into other genres like Metal, Jungle, Drum and Bass and much more. Whether you’re new to his work or an old fan, Neil’s music continues to sound great to this day.

Neil is also in the process of re-releasing much of his music. Check out his Spotify as more gradually starts appearing over the coming months. He’s also working on the latest iteration of the Amiga Immortal album series where Amiga legends like himself, Barry Leitch and many others come together to remaster their own works for modern audiences.

Neil’s Links:

The kooky song that Neil was thinking of was indeed Martian Hop by the Ran-Dells, a kitsch classic that’s still pretty entertaining today.

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The Guardian Legend – PA174

Going back to the NES we get The Guardian Legend, a curiousity developed by Compile that is best described as Zelda plus Zanac. Originally released in 1988 for the NES, The Guardian Legend or “Guardic Gaiden” is the pseudo sequel to MSX game Guardic from 1986. While the developers insist there’s no story links between the games, there’s enough gameplay and music shared between the two that we decided to play a lot of Guardic music for comparison.

The music was composed by two individuals: Masatomo Miyamoto and Takeshi Santo. Masatomo Miyamoto worked with Compile from around 1985-1990 and soonafter left the game industry. Takeshi Santo worked as a sound programmer at Compile from 1987-1989 and then went off to found Sting where he’s spent most of his career in a producer capacity.

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Super Mega Zero with DDRKirby – PA173

Today we’re joined by composer and indie game developer Timmie aka DDRKirby(ISQ) to talk about their music for Super Mega Zero, an awesome fast-paced puzzle platformer for PC and Switch. We also spend a good deal of time talking about DDRKirby’s work in the indie game scene, as well as their upcoming game Rhythm Quest which sounds amazing.

Super Mega Zero was developed by Silkworm and Rogue Games and released in April of 2022, it’s a mix of VVVVVV and Celeste, so fans of those games will feel right at home. Pick up your copy on Steam or Switch, you’ll be glad you did!

DDRKirby has been involved in composition and indie game development for a long while and their signature “9-bit” style is on full display here. If you like what you hear, check out more from the links below:

Links to some of the other things mentioned

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Uchuu Keibitai SDF – PA172

Kicking off the new year with a Famicom banger! Uchuu Keibitai SDF is a vertical shooter released by HAL Laboratory in 1990 for the Japanese market only. While the game leaves a bit to be desired, the soundtrack is great and definitely worth exploring. It was composed by HAL veterans, Jun Ishikawa (known for Kirby Super Star, Alcahest, and Hyper Zone) and Hideki Kanazashi (known for F1-Race, Mach Rider, Eggerland, Rollerball, and Adventures of Lolo). Great music and plenty of space babies to keep it interesting.

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PC Music with WASD – PA171

Following up our last show on CANYON.MID, we’re joined by the artist that closed out the show, Austin Green. Austin is a guitarist and leader of the band WASD. We’re going all in on PC game music today with a mix of Austin’s favorites as well as PC game music covers from his recently released album Escape.

For more info about Austin and WASD, check out the following links:

Linktree | Bandcamp

Don’t forget to catch WASD live at MAGFest 2023

January 5-8, 2023 (Thursday to Sunday)

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