The Adventures of Little Ralph – PA99

pixelated audio episode 99 the adventures of little ralph chippoke rarufu no daibouken psx playstation vgm game audio

The Adventures of Little Ralph, developed by NEW Corporation is a 2D platformer released only in Japan for the Sony Playstation on June of 1999. Like Ralph, there’s a big game in this unassuming package. With its tight controls, engaging scoring mechanics, and a polished 1v1 fighting mini-game engine, this is one you’re bound to keep coming back to. Composed by Hiroshi Kuronuma, Naoki Tsuchiya and Hideki Satou, The Adventures of Little Ralph features two complete versions of the soundtrack accessible right from the menu: the standard instrumental version and a “PSG” arrange version, both using the Playstation sound source.

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Neural Gear with Keishi Yonao – PA98

Neural Gear with Keishi Yonao - episode 98 sharp x68000 video game music podcast

Neural Gear, developed by Fill in Cafe and published by Cross Media Soft, is a 3rd person rail shooter (riding in the light of Space Harrier) released strictly for the Sharp X68000 on November of 1990. While the game doesn’t win any awards in the visual department it makes up for it in audio. Composed by Keishi Yonao, Neural Gear features both a soundtrack designed for the OPM/OKI (FM/PCM) sound source and the MT-32 (MIDI) sound source.

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Big Bang Pro Wrestling – PA97

Big Bang Pro Wrestling Pixelated Audio Episode 97

SNK produced some of the best titles to grace the arcades but also covered the spectrum in genre and variety. Only twice in the company’s history did they attempt to produce a wrestling game and Big Bang Pro Wrestling released in 2000 for the Neo Geo Pocket Color was out of this world. Taking lots of inspiration from the Fire Pro Wrestling series, the handheld quasi-adaptation delivers everything you’d expect and more. Big roster of characters, multiple modes, customizations, and of course, a rocking soundtrack composed by Takafumi Wada. Take a listen with us and we explore the soundtrack!

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Tetris DS – PA96

Pixelated Audio - Video Game Music podcast and Retro Gaming episode 96 tetris ds

After a short break, we’re back! Starting off 2018 with a new episode featuring the music of Tetris DS on the Nintendo DS. In 2006, Nintendo did classic puzzle enthusiasts a solid by not only chalking the game full their 8bit all-stars, but also producing a phenomenal Tetris title with loads of new content. Join in as we take a listen to some new arrangements of some well-loved tunes.

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Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap with guests Shinichi Sakamoto, Michael Geyre, Omar Cornut, and Romain Gauthier – PA95

Pixelated Audio Episode 95 Video Game Music Podcast. Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap with guests Shinichi Sakamoto, Michael Geyre, Omar Cornut, and Romain Gauthier

WonderBoy III: The Dragon’s Trap is a special game for a lot of people in a lot of ways. Today we will explore all the different paths to find its hidden gameplay and musical treasures. Much like the game, with its colorful cast of playable characters, we will not be alone on this journey of discovery. We are joined by the original composer Shinichi Sakamoto as well as Michael Geyre, Omar ‘Bock’ Cornut and Romain Gauthier from the amazing team that brought this game back to life in 2017 for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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