Pixelated Audio – Video Game Music and Retro Gaming Podcast

Pixelated Audio - Video Game Music podcast and Retro Gaming

Pixelated Audio is a bi-weekly podcast and official podcast of VGMrips.net that focuses on video game music & retro games that span across multiple platforms in an attempt to bring music, history, awareness and some of the gaming culture to people that share a similar passion. The primary goal is to have fun, and talk about game audio. 

Our intent is to analyze, dissect, and discuss the music and provide the most accurate information that we can on it’s history. We are a non-profit group that believes in VGM preservation. The music in these episodes belongs to the respective owners.

While the show format will primarily consist of two hosts (Bryan and James) there will be opportunities to bring listeners on to contribute their thoughts and memories in person or via Skype. To be a part of the discussion email us at contact@pixelatedaudio.com. Also send in your thoughts and feedback on past or future episodes and if you like the podcast please take a second and rate us on iTunes we’d appreciate it.

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