Bomb Jack (GameBoy) – PA183

In this bite-sized installment we’re exploring the soundtrack from Bomb Jack on the Nintendo GameBoy composed by the legendary DMG DJ, Alberto José González.

Bomb Jack released on the Game Boy in the UK in 1992 and Sweden in 1993. Adapted to the handheld  by Bit Managers and New Frontier; published by Infogrames. Bomb Jack has had dozens of ports derived from the Tehkan Arcade game from 1984. CPC, Atari ST, Commodore 16, 64, Amiga, PC88, SG1000, ZX Spectrum, and even things like Java ME.

Alberto José González is a Spanish video game graphic artist, music composer, designer, and pretty much everything else. Notable games from French publisher Infogrames helped shed light on his early career and eventually helped found Bit Managers and later Abylight.

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All tracks composed by Alberto José González unless otherwise stated

  • 00:03 Bomb Order Bonus
  • 02:05 Title Screen
  • 12:18 Stage BGM
  • 14:58 Name Entry 2 (ARC) – originally composed by Tsukasa Masuko
  • 19:09 Game Over (The Last Sigh)

Thanks to The789Guy for the Gameboy pack and 2ch-H for the Arcade pack over at VGMRips!

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