Castle in the Clouds with g3ntlebreeze – PA181

Today we’re joined by composer g3ntlebreeze for a unique behind the scenes look at his work on Castle in the Clouds, a Castlevania-inspired hentai game (NSFW – not safe for work). The game was developed by Libra Heart and pixel-teishoku and published by Critical Bliss. Castle in the Clouds is a 2D pixel art platformer released on Steam in 2021 with lovingly crafted art and an incredible soundtrack. This “hornyvania” puts you in control of bounty hunter Lily on her quest to defeat hordes of monsters and maybe get a little something extra.

Critical Bliss is a rapidly growing developer/publisher that focuses on international releases of raunchy, fun, and unique erotic games that started around 2016. Libra Heart is a developer best known for their work on this game as well as the “Succubus” series, with additional help on Castle in the Clouds from pixel-teishoku.

g3ntlebreeze mixes together sultry sounds, nostalgic chiptune vibes, jazz and some truly wicked solos in this and other erotic games. He’s worked on Tower & Sword of Succubus, Midnight Castle Succubus, Avaria: Chains of Lust and many other games that are best looked up with safe search on. We had a great time chatting about his musical background, composing for h-games, and some of the games and VGM composers that continue to inspire us. As always, we hope you enjoy the show!

Track List:

All songs composed by g3ntlebreeze unless otherwise stated

  • 0:00:00 Title
  • 0:05:12 Lily’s Theme
  • 0:13:27 Water Cave
  • 0:21:57 Ghost Ship
  • 0:25:16 (excerpt) Picture of a Ghost Ship
    • from Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (PCE-CD) composed by Keizo Nakamura
  • 0:32:52 Ice Cave
  • 0:39:13 Desert (Dunes)
  • 0:47:20 Hell
  • 0:53:55 Heaven
  • 1:06:21 Final Area
  • 1:11:53 Boss 2
  • 1:15:16 Final Boss
  • 1:27:09 Ending

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