Solstice: The Quest for the Staff of Demnos – PA184

In this latest mini episode we’re talking about Solstice: The Quest for the Staff of Demnos, a childhood favorite on the NES composed by Tim Follin.

Solstice released on the NES in the US and UK in mid 1990. It was developed by Software Creations and published by various companies in different regions. It’s a challenging isometric puzzle platformer in the vein of games like Knight Lore and Lumo. Solstice only released on NES, but it did have a sequel on the SNES called Equinox.

Tim Follin is a VGM composer that hardly needs an introduction. Master of VGM folk and prog rock and putting way more effort into game soundtracks than they usually deserved, Tim worked on games like Bionic Commando and Ghouls’n Ghosts for C64, Plok for SNES, Ecco the Dolphin for Dreamcast and a tons more games. More recently he’s moved into game development with games like Contradiction: Spot the Liar.

For more info about the illustrator of the box art, check out Michael Winterbauer’s website.

All tracks composed by Tim Follin

  • 00:05 Title Screen
  • 06:47 Introduction
  • 07:10 Main Theme
  • 18:50 Game Over
  • 19:00 Credit ~ Continue
  • 26:22 Ending

Thanks to Gnome from VGMRips for creating the pack!

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