Plus Alpha – PA185

We’ve got a really fun soundtrack to dive into this episode from a Jaleco arcade title released in 1989 called Plus Alpha, composed by Tsukasa Tawada

It’s an overhead shooter similar to Twinbee, Raiden, or 1942 and was re-released on the Nintendo Switch in 2020 under the Arcade Archives series published by HAMSTER Corporation.

This is one of Tsukasa Tawada‘s earliest soundtracks, a composer still active in the 2020s with work on Pokemon and Harvest Moon titles. He brings lots of variety in this soundtrack, which is a ton of fun and also hits all the marks for an awesome arcade experience.


All tracks composed by Tsukasa Tawada

  • 00:04 Triumphal Return Overture (Title)
  • 03:26 Wind Dancer (Stage 1 Wind Country)
  • 08:25 Into Blue (Stage 2 Sea Colony)
  • 09:39 Bird Island (Stage 3 Flower Town)
  • 14:20 Sun Colors (Stage 4 Snow Country)
  • 16:08 Last Heart (Stage 5 Sand City)
  • 19:54 Neo Baroque (Stage 7 Eden)
  • 21:11 Boss Stage
  • 22:06 Harmonica for Peace (Unused)
  • 26:47 Ending Theme

Thanks to ctr from VGMRips for creating the pack!

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