Sega System 16 Baseball – PA152

We’re taking you out to the ball game in this short and fun episode covering music from 3 Sega System 16 baseball games: Major League, Super League and Excite League. It’s late 80s baseball from Japanese arcades, so it’s 2D sprites, digitized samples and YM2151 FM patches all the way down. No composers confirmed but Tohru Nakabayashi, Hiroshi Kawaguchi and Katsuhiro Hayashi are the prime suspects. We hope you enjoy the music!

Composers unknown but suspected to be: Tohru Nakabayashi, Hiroshi Kawaguchi and/or Katsuhiro Hayashi

Track List:

  • 00:00 Select Level (Excite League)
  • 04:24 Offense (Major League)
  • 07:45 Pennant Race (Super League)
  • 10:31 Japan Series (Super League)
  • 15:24 World Series (Super League)
  • 19:38 Pennant Race (Excite League)
  • 21:44 Select Level (comparing Super League & Excite League)
  • 22:47 Japan Series (Excite League)
  • 25:24 Dream Game (Excite League)
  • 31:57 Game Over (Excite League)

Special thanks to Sonic of 8! and HarmoDevil for the rips of all three games on VGMRips

One thought on “Sega System 16 Baseball – PA152

  1. Rob

    I didn’t have the opportunity to grow up with games this old but I love their generic titles and pumped music :)

    Keep up the awesome content guys!


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