The Outfoxies – PA09

Pixelated Audio - Video Game Music podcast and Retro Gaming The Outfoxies – Pixelated Audio Episode 09

Once in a while a great arcade title is overlooked by the game industry and gamers alike. A game that if you played you would love but the problem is that its no where to be found. Namco’s The Outfoxies unfortunately is such a title. It has everything going for it though… great characters, unique fighting mechanics and large interactive levels. However, few have heard of it and even fewer have played it.

Its hard to put this wacky “fighting” game into a category, but try to imagine if Smash Bros. and Powerstone had a baby, then Elevator Action Returns and Rolling Thunder had a baby and those two babies grew up to have a baby that was dropped on its head…it would be The Outfoxies.

Track List:
0:00:00 Intro/Stero Sound Check – The Outfoxies (Arc)
0:00:12 A Plot
0:03:48 The Outfoxies
0:04:50 Mr. Acme’s Theme – A Planned Double Cross
0:07:02 A Plan
0:15:46 Skyscraper
0:17:58 Showtime
0:20:11 City of Blue
0:29:59 Cat – Dancing Eyes (Arc)
0:32:28 Death Flight
0:34:42 Dangerous Cruise
0:36:54 Counterblow
0:43:14 Enjoy Life

The Outfoxies – (ARC) Composed by Masahiro Fukuzawa
Dancing Eyes – (ARC) Composed by Masahiro Fukuzawa

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    1. jbrunner

      Thanks for the comment! Man kids today don’t know anything about these weird fast food mascots! Ronald is creepy enough looking for them all I guess haha

    2. bmosley Post author

      NukeNinja: totally forgot i said that.. haha! i just watched that video.. man oh man.. i miss 80s commercials.


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