20 Years of Sega Saturn

Sega Saturn Pixelated Audio

November 22, 1994 the Sega Saturn launched in Japan with 5 games; Mahjong Goku Tenjiku, Myst, TAMA, Virtua Fighter and Wan Chai Connection.

On May 11th of the following year North America got its taste of the Saturn launching with Astal, Daytona USA, The Mansion of Hidden Souls, Panzer Dragoon, Virtual Hydlide.

Europe had to wait a little longer, July 8th and only had 3 games at launch; Clockwork Knight, Daytona USA and Virtua Fighter.

All in the system sold over 9.5 million units and had a 6 year lifespan in Japan but unfortunately only a 3 year lifespan in North America from 1995-1998.

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