Punch Out!!!!!!!!!! – PA03

pixelated audio episode 03 - punch out!!!!!!!!!!

We’re looking at Nintendo’s Punch-Out!! series. With so many franchises unable to make the jump from the arcade to the home console and even fewer able to then stand the test of time by seeing re-releases we want to pay tribute to an amazing series that has not only done this but holds so many awesome memories for an entire generation of gamers.

Over the last 30 years there has been one boxing series that held the top title for us so in this episode we take a deeper look into its history and highlight the music. So no matter if you’re a Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! fan, a Super Punch-Out!! fan or even a super old school arcade junky we have something that you’ll enjoy. Check out the episode and let us know your memories in the comments.

Track List:
0:00:07 Main theme – Punch Out & Super Punch Out!! (ARC)
0:08:11 Fight Theme – Punch Out!! (NES)
0:09:21 Bicycle Training
0:10:16 Little Mac Down
0:10:39 Opponent Down
0:15:51 Opponent Montage
0:19:50 Track 04 – Power Punch II (NES)
0:21:00 Track 06
0:22:05 Track 01
0:27:45 Menu Theme – Super Punch Out!! (SNES)
0:29:45 Minor Circuit
0:31:18 Bald Bull
0:34:13 Major Circuit
0:36:16 Piston Hurricane
0:36:51 Ending Theme
0:43:53 Minor Circuit – Punch Out!! (Wii)
0:46:42 Glass Joe
0:49:23 Major Circuit
0:57:30 Piston Hondo
1:00:17 Title Screen
1:04:35 Super Macho Man
1:12:14 Dream Fighter – OCReMix – Scott Peeples

Punch Out!! – Super Punch Out!! – (Arcade, 1984/1985) Composed by Koji Kondo
Punch Out!! – (NES, 1987) Composed by Yukio Kaneoka, Akito Nakatsuka, Kenji Yamamoto
Mike Tyson’s Intergalactic Power Punch!! – Power Punch II!! – (NES, 1992) Composed by Marshall Parker
Super Punch Out!! – (Super Nintendo, 1994) Composed by Takashi Kumegawa, Masaru Sakakibara
Punch Out!! – (Nintendo Wii, 2009) Composed by Mike Peacock, Darren Radtke, Chad York

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