Pixel Kick’n Soccer – PA02

pixelated audio episode 02 - pixel kick'n

We’re back with a full grab bag of Soccer titles in celebration of 2014 FIFA World Cup. With so many soccer games being released over the years, it was a really tough choice to pick only a few and leave the others to sit on the sidelines but we have a ton of amazing music for your auditory pleasure.

Track List:
0:00:07 Main Theme Sensible Soccer (SNES)
0:10:40 BGM#07 Neo Geo Cup 98 Plus Color (NGPC)
0:11:11 BGM#08
0:11:46 BGM#13
0:12:32 BGM#14
0:18:12 Game Options 02 FIFA Soccer 97: Gold Edition (SNES)
0:21:51 Half Time
0:24:17 Playoff Championship
0:28:08 Menu Theme Dino Dini’s Soccer (GEN/MD)
0:29:38 Game BGM
0:40:11 Rush for Goal Worldwide Soccer: SIVG Edition (SS)
0:43:36 Everyone’s a Hero
0:49:16 Final Match Theme Nintendo World Cup (GB)
0:52:25 Choose Your Team
0:56:25 Name Entry Virtua Striker 2 (Arc)
0:58:35 Instruction
1:03:28 Title Super Soccer (SNES)
1:04:16 Germany
1:05:19 Lost Tournament
1:06:10 Belgium
1:12:45 Opening Captain Tsubasa Vol. II: Super Striker (Fami)
1:13:48 Opposing Team Flamengo
1:14:09 Opposing Team Toho High School
1:15:01 Last Scene
1:22:48 AWS Pro Moves Soccer AWS Pro Moves Soccer (GEN)

Sensible Soccer composed by Richard Joseph
Neo Geo Cup 98 Plus Color composed by Taro Yonetani
FIFA Soccer 97 – Gold Edition composed by Kev Bruce
Dino Dini’s Soccer composed by Matt Furniss
Worldwide Soccer: Sega International Victory Goal Edition composed by Jun Senoue
Nintendo World Cup composed by Kazuo Sawa
Virtua Striker 2 composed by Hideaki Miyamoto
Super Soccer composed by Hiroya Niwayama, Hironori Tanaka, Testsuji Ohtani, and Masamichi Yamazaki
Captain Tsubasa Vol. II: Super Striker composed by: Keiji Yamagishi, Mayuko Okamura, and Mikio Saito
AWS Pro Moves Soccer composed by Jesper Kyd

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4 thoughts on “Pixel Kick’n Soccer – PA02

  1. Swendu

    Great Episode! i really enjoyed LAST SCENE at 1:15:01. In the beginning of the track it reminded me of Final Fantasy 7 in Midgar. Great song. Keep these episodes coming!

    1. bmosley Post author

      oh totally, its a jam for sure. captain tsubasa has some of the best music on the NES in my opinion.

  2. Tom

    I really enjoyed this episode! It’s great to show that sports games can have good soundtracks. I like how you guys talk about the gameplay of games more than other VGM podcasts.


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