Retro Racers feat Horizon Chase with Barry Leitch – PA34

By | September 1, 2015

Pixelated Audio - Video Game Music podcast and Retro Gaming episode 34 Horizon Chase with Barry LeitchRacing games in the 90s were a very important part of gaming history and culture. Games like OutRun, Top Gear, F-Zero, and the Lotus series brought us a formula that not only defined the genre but also inspired many of us growing up. Barry Leitch, the composer from many well-loved retro games, makes an incredible comeback to game audio with the recently released Horizon Chase racing game for iOS. In honor of his new music we’ve asked Barry to co-host by selecting several of his favorite tracks that he’s composed.

We’re very excited to have another opportunity to sit down with him to share his thoughts behind some of the most cherished and memorable melodies in racing game history as well as debut the soundtrack from Horizon Chase. Horizon Chase (by Aquiris Game Studio) is an amazing throw-back to the genre and is out now and on the App Store for iOS, with more platforms to come!

Track List:

0:00:00 Title Theme – Horizon Chase
0:08:15 Race – Combo Racer
0:19:55 Super-Baz – Super Cars II
0:27:38 Lap of Honor – Team Suzuki
0:35:09 Bootup/Title – Lotus Turbo Challenge 2
0:47:38 Las Vegas – Top Gear
1:05:26 Going Off the Rails – Horizon Chase
1:16:02 The Finale – Horizon Chase
1:35:44 Brazilian Street Race – Horizon Chase
1:56:04 Horizon Chase Title Theme (SNES Demake) – Remix by Hiller Farias

Horizon Chase Remix Soundtrack Contest
(and part of the digital album release!)
SUBMISSION: 24/AUG/2015 – 15/SEP/2015

Horizon Chase, Combo Racer, Super Cars II, Team Suzuki, Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 and Top Gear are composed by Barry Leitch

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7 thoughts on “Retro Racers feat Horizon Chase with Barry Leitch – PA34

  1. Meir

    I’m new to your show but I must say that this was a perfect episode. I’ve gone back now and already up to the 6th episode. You guys present the stuff well and also make it enjoyable and fun. I can’t tell you how many podcasts I listen to that are so unorganized and try too hard to be funny. Keep it up. Waiting for the next show but no rush I got lots to catch up on

    1. jbrunner

      Thanks so much! We noticed a lot of podcasts vary in organization and found we enjoyed the more organized ones best. Plus we are both pretty organized haha The first episodes are pretty rough looking back at them but we remember the excitement like it was yesterday! 30+ episodes to go, make sure to let us know if you develop one that speaks to you!

  2. hyde209

    This is soo awesome to listen to guys. I grew up playing Amiga 500 games and so the Super Cars and Lotus Turbo Challange games is sweet sweet music to my ears. Kudos for making such a great podcast ^^

    1. jbrunner

      It means a lot to hear from people about the show…good or bad! We appreciate you taking the time to write in. Barry is a music genius and the Amiga has some of the most insane music!!

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