Treasure Hunter G and the Sting Symphony – PA35

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Even as kids -thanks to Nintendo Power- we knew certain games got released in Japan that would never breach the borders for western audiences to experience. It’s even more painful when a company like Squaresoft (Square Enix) releases a beautiful RPG that will never reach the English-speaking population. Treasure Hunter G, developed by Sting for the Super Famicom, is one of these games.

Treasure Hunter G has all the charm, a rock-solid battle system, and an outstanding soundtrack that would have made it a star franchise in the west but sadly just never got the chance. So your hosts at Pixelated Audio decided that it was time Treasure Hunter G got the chance to shine. 

Track List:Pixelated Audio - Video Game Music podcast and Retro Gaming Treasure Hunter G Super Famicom RPG Squaresoft
0:00:01 Gemini Wing
0:06:19 Well, Let’s Get Out There and Fight!
0:10:53 Love’s Escape
0:16:15 The Absence of My Father from My Childhood
0:27:55 The World’s Cavern 1
0:30:13 Come Here! I Defend You
0:38:12 My Rural Town
0:40:44 Upscale Harbor Town
0:48:37 Hey Darlin’, Aren’t You Gonna Come Any Closer?
0:54:50 Around the World
1:08:25 Go! Go! Kids!
1:10:57 A Drink to Victory
1:12:03 Demi Human Battle
1:21:55 Emperor of Balladry
1:27:17 Sad Freedom
1:40:44 Just Like the Mountain, He Will Not Move
1:42:53 Buddhist
1:51:21 Wow, What a Story!
1:54:26 The Road to Survival
1:59:41 Conquer the World!

Treasure Hunter G 「トレジャーハンターG」composed by Mitsuhito TanakaHitoshi SakimotoMasaharu Iwata, Toshiaki SakodaYoko TakadaTomoko MatsuiAkiko Goto


4 thoughts on “Treasure Hunter G and the Sting Symphony – PA35

    1. bmosley Post author

      thanks Robert appreciate that! its not easy to do an RPG because not everyone is into the style of music. however, those that appreciate it really love it. personally, i can’t get enough of this soundtrack. whats your favorite track?

  1. Nathan Daniels

    Just listening to this episode again, getting my SNES jones on. The grandfather swallowing the timepiece is hilarious. Brings new meaning to the term “grandfather clock”!


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