Daze Before Christmas – PA71

Pixelated Audio - Video Game Music podcast and Retro Gaming Daze Before Christmas Sega Genesis Mega Drive Kim Jensen GeirIt’s no surprise that there aren’t many Christmas specific games out on the store shelves. And after looking around we found a few Christmas games and some demo/expansions but nothing we were excited to share. Facing the possibility of not finding a game we felt worth a short holiday episode, we had to dig deep and go outside of the North American release market to find Daze Before Christmas on the Mega Drive and Super Nintendo. Wrapped up in this game we found something fun (and odd), so grab some eggnog and fire up that yule log for some retro Santa adventures!

Track List:
0:00:00 Daze Before Christmas (MD)
0:06:46 Santa’s Workshop (SNES)
0:19:11 Out in the Snow (MD)
0:26:44 I’m Anti Clause (MD)
0:32:49 Bad Character (MD)
0:37:22 Holiday Destroyer (SNES)
0:43:34 Cool Floors (MD)
0:48:51 Unknown Track 2 (MD)

Daze Before Christmas (MD/SNES) composed by KIM M. JENSON and GEIR TJELTA

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