Game On: Quadrant (C64) – PA70

By | December 15, 2016

Pixelated Audio - Video Game Music podcast and Retro Gaming Quadrant C64 Game On Thomas DetertToday we bring you the tunes from a lesser-known Commodore 64 title called Quadrant composed by Thomas Detert. While the game might not be all that amazing, it has an awesome soundtrack that will definitely get you moving. We’ve also snuck in some bonus content to showcase Detert’s other work around the time the game was released from the Game On Disk Magazines. Take a listen!

Track List:
0:06:51 Subsong 2 (Quadrant)
0:13:24 Subsong 5
0:26:46 Subsong 4
0:35:31 Game On Disk Magazine (Issue 11/93)
0:42:54 Game On Disk Magazine (Issue 12/93)
0:49:17 Game On Disk Magazine (Issue 09/93)
0:58:40 Subsong 1 (Gordian Tomb)
1:05:10 Game On Disk Magazine (Issue 06/93)
1:09:19 Subsong 7
1:16:17 Subsong 9

Quadrant (Commodore 64, CP Verlag/X-Ample, 1993)
Game On Disk Magazine Various Issues (Commodore 64, CP Verlag, 1993)
Gordian Tomb (Commodore 64, CP Verlag/X-Ample, 1990)

composed by Thomas Detert

Music from the High Voltage SID Collection #65
 libsidplay2, reSID, reSID distortion patch)

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6 thoughts on “Game On: Quadrant (C64) – PA70

  1. Doug

    Love the show but I always have problems with your player. It just randomly stops sometimes and I have to refresh the page to get it working again. I have never had this issue on any other site or player, only here. That aside, keep up the great work!

    1. bmosley Post author

      Thanks Doug i’m glad you enjoyed the show! I’m sorry that you’re having some trouble with the web player though, we are using MediaElement.js ( which is supposed to be most compatible as it’s mostly HTML5) but thanks for reporting issue I’ll see what I can do to resolve it

  2. vampi-the-frog

    man, C64 music is all the same: fast arpeggios. just could never get into it

    1. bmosley Post author

      fair enough.. its a very focused style of music. i think it’s one of those things you either LOVE or don’t care for at all. i think over using the arps can get really tedious sounding too. there’s gotta be a balance (at least for me)

  3. Thomas Detert

    WOW! What a great podcast indeed !! Thanks for having me and my music in your show ;-)
    It was a great trip back in time … Thanks a million, cheers Thomas

  4. Michael Satzer (Detert)

    Awesome guys!
    My brother just shared this with me today. Nice to get some appreciation for our past work.
    All the best from Michael (aka. Takashi) from X-ample Architectures.


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