Dangerous Seed – PA108

Dangerous Seed is a vertical shooter released by Namco in arcades in 1989 and adapted by TOSE in 1990 for the Mega Drive, both released only in Japan. While not a groundbreaking shooter, it does feature an inventive tri-ship mechanic, allowing players to switch up their shot mid-game and introduces a bit of strategy in managing the three ships’ health bars.

The music was originally composed by Yoshinori Nagumo and arranged by Yoshiki Nishimura, Akihito Hayashi, Yoko Shimokawa, and the mysterious Totsukurzwell of the TOSE sound team.

The episode focuses on the Mega Drive version which injects a more intense energy, with occasional forays into the more mellow arcade original. None of the musicians involved have many credits, but they all came together to create and elevate an already great soundtrack and we hope you enjoy listening as well.

Track List:

  • 0:00:07 Stage Intro (MD)
  • 0:04:12 Name Entry (ARC)
  • 0:11:48 1st Tube (MD)
  • 0:15:04 1st Tube (ARC)
  • 0:18:37 1st Tube Boss – Triple Eye (MD)
  • 0:22:43 2nd Tube (MD)
  • 0:24:47 2nd Tube (ARC)
  • 0:29:06 3rd Tube (MD)
  • 0:31:58 3rd Tube Boss – Roller Snail (MD)
  • 0:38:13 4th Tube (ARC)
  • 0:40:14 Stage 5 – Mars (MD)
  • 0:42:10 Stage 6 – Jupiter (MD)
  • 0:44:09 Stage 6 – Jupiter (ARC)
  • 0:45:23 Stage 7 – Uranus (MD)
  • 0:46:35 Stage 7 – Uranus (ARC)
  • 0:47:32 Stage 7 Boss – Twin-Claw (MD)
  • 0:52:43 Ending (MD)

Thanks to Sonic of 8! from vgmrips.net for logging the arcade soundtrack.

And also thanks to DJ Squarewave from project2612 for logging the Mega Drive soundtrack.

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