WonderBorg – PA136

In the late 90s, programmable robot toys were becoming popular and WonderBorg was no exception. Released by Bandai in 2000 for the WonderSwan and later for the PC, WonderBorg was a kit that included a programmable beetle robot and a application called Robot Works which allowed you to send basic commands to it.

The WonderBorg featured a number of sensors to give it some awareness of the world and it was capable of some moderately sophisticated conditional programming. It featured a simple code-free graphical condition builder and a few different modes like training, and even a Tamagotchi style “pet” mode in the Japanese release.

Sadly we couldn’t find the composer of the music to give them proper credit but kick back and listen to some crunchy percussion and dance beats in this short episode. We hope you like it.

Composer unknown

Track List:

  • 0:00:00 Track 1 – Title
  • 0:07:10 Track 3 – Training
  • 0:09:40 Track 5 – Map Theme 1
  • 0:17:22 Track 6 – Map Theme 2?
  • 0:23:35 Track 7 – Map Theme 3?
  • 0:30:35 Track 9 – Map Won

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