Waterworld – PA135

In 1995, the movie Waterworld was released and the real world was changed forever. As we pass the 25th anniversary, we attempt to rehabilitate the reputation of a perfectly competent mid 90s action film and then “dive” into the music of the many licensed cash-in games that followed the film’s release.

The bulk of the Waterworld games were fittingly developed and/or published in 1995 by Ocean Software for the SNES, Virtual Boy, and Game Boy. They’re a series of action games featuring a combination of swimming, platforming and boat combat stages. We also cover the unreleased Mega Drive port (based on the SNES) and briefly touch on the oddball PC Waterworld, a real-time strategy game published by Interplay in 1997. After we recorded the show we realized we missed a Waterworld pinball game, so apologies if you’re sad that we left it out!

Each version features a different composer, and the music ranges from bad to excellent with no real correlation to gameplay quality. Join us as we go through 5 releases of the game, with a heavier emphasis on the SNES, VB, and MD versions.

Special thanks to Scooblee for ripping the Mega Drive version of the music on Project2612 earlier this year.

Track List:

  • 0:00:00 Map (SNES)
  • 0:04:26 Mission Theme 1
  • 0:17:32 Diving
  • 0:29:39 Attack 1
  • 0:36:52 Misson Theme 3
  • 0:43:10 Title (VB)
  • 0:55:01 Gameplay
  • 1:01:00 Track 1 (GB)
  • 1:05:53 Title (PC)
  • 1:10:25 Titles (MD)
  • 1:17:18 Game Lost
  • 1:20:45 In Atoll
  • 1:28:45 Shop 1

Super Nintendo (1995) Composed by Dean Evans
Virtual Boy (1995) Composed by Dean Evans, Rearranged by Jonathan Dunn
Gameboy (1995) Composed by David “Uncle Art” Lowe
DOS / PC (1997) Composed by Richard Band
Mega Drive (Unreleased – 1995) Composed by Jason Page

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