5 Years of VGMRips – PA68

Pixelated Audio - Video Game Music podcast and Retro Gaming VGMrips vgmrips.netJoin us as we celebrate 5 years of VGMRips with many of the people responsible, not only for its maintenance and up keep but its creation. We’ve asked our friends to share a song that has significance to them and to tell us about it in their own words. This led to an episode crammed with beautiful tunes (across many platforms) that we all think you’ll enjoy.

Thank you VGMRips community, for all that you’ve done for video game music lovers and also preserving these tracks for generations to come. We’re so proud to be a part of it. Here’s to 5 more years!

Track List:

00:00:00 Bryan: “Battle Theme 1” Tsunyan Jaayao by Takeshi Abo (PC98)
00:05:45 MaliceX: “Tower of Destiny” Rusty by Ryu Takami, Kenichi Arakawa, Masahiro Kajihara (PC/AT)
00:13:49 Crimson1117: “Retro Nitro Girl” Minna de Mamotte Knight Hisayoshi Ogura – FM arr. by Wing (3DS)
00:20:56 ctr: “BGM3” Racing Hero by Hikoshi Hashimoto (ARC)
00:25:50 MusicFox: “Character Generation” Eye of the Beholder by Paul Mudra (PC/AT)
00:31:45 2ch-H: “Submerged City (Stage 1)” Dragon Saber by Shinji Hosoe (ARC)
00:36:35 Grauw: “BGM 1-1” Quarth by Kazuhiko Uehara, Norio Hanzawa, Tomoya Tomita, Yuji Takenouchi (MSX2)
00:40:46 Maxim: “Building 1” GG Shinobi II: The Silent Fury by Yuzo Koshiro (GG)
00:45:14 oerg866: “Sortie” Gauntlet IV by Hitoshi Sakimoto, Masahiro Iwata (Gen/MD)
00:53:30 kode54: “Menu” Tunnels of Armageddon by Dorota Błaszczak, Marcin Grzegorzewski (Apple IIgs)
00:58:53 tails_: “Field Music #2” Valna by Manabu Saito (PC88)
01:03:22 vampirefrog: “Fate” YU-NO by Ryu Umemoto, Ryu Takami, Kazuhiro Kanae (PC98)
01:11:28 ValleyBell: “Going on an Adventure” High Seas Havoc by Emi Shimizu (Gen/MD)
01:20:39 James: “Title Screen” Monty on the Run: Monty no Doki Doki Daisassou by Kazuo Sawa (FDS)


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5 thoughts on “5 Years of VGMRips – PA68

  1. Crimson1117

    Tower of Destiny made by Takami. RST Music Disk volume 12 on PC88 got the song.

  2. Nathan Daniels

    Definitely one of my favorite episodes ever! Bryan, I’ve been rambling through the packs on VGMRips ever since you told me about it, and a lot of the tracks people selected were either old favorites or ones I found specifically through my auditory journey.

    I loved the Quarth track. That chip has a sound that’s very similar to the PC-Engine, yet it felt SO Konami. Racing Hero is another gem that has that classic Sega Arcade feel, with its sampled drums and chill jazz leads. Anyway, thanks so much for turning me on to VGMRips, and thanks for the surprise episode! It made my Wednesday!

  3. deathvine68000

    Hi to everyone from vgmrips! I really enjoyed this episode! Happy 5th anniversary!

    Thanks to vgmrips, I managed to discover a lot of amazing hidden gems composed on popular and obscure platforms. Nowadays, I listen to VGM every day, especially FM and wavetable (PC Engine/Konami SCC/NES/GB) stuff.

    I’m really glad you included a Rusty song in the playlist!!!
    It really shows what the OPL2 can do, and that’s because of KAJA’s amazing PMDIBM sound driver.
    You shall check all the other OPL2 PMDIBM soundtracks out there (Mad Paradox, Totsugeki Mix, Curse, Houtei Raoyui) on vgmrips or hoot, they’re all excellent.

    I’ve recently been addicted to Tsunyan Jaayao’s “Battle Theme 1” as well, so the timing was excellent!
    Honestly, it feels like something that Motoi Sakuraba would compose in a JRPG, in my opinion, especially the latter parts of the song, that chord progression and notes sound very Sakuraba to me.

    I’m also very pleased by the inclusion of Gauntlet IV’s “Sortie” song, that one is golden. I always said that Gauntlet IV’s music sound like a Tactics Ogre/Ogre Battle game that would supposedly have been released on the Sega Megadrive/Genesis (you shall also definitely check KING BREEDER, also composed by Sakimoto & Iwata, but for the YM2608, the sounds are so deep and pleasant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCbtFbL6aMM).

    I wish you good luck in the next 5 years of VGM goodness. Maybe I would also start doing some VGM rip stuff in the future (I’d especially want to rip PMDIBM OPL2 stuff such as Curse and Houtei Raoyui that are only on hoot right now). The idea of preserving the most obscure masterpieces is fantastic IMO and it would be really sad to see tons of old 80s and 90s game soundtracks getting forever lost because of obsolete/obscure sound formats.

    I’m currently composing FM and NES stuff and posting them on Soundcloud, check them out if you’re interested: https://soundcloud.com/deathvine_68000/tracks

    Keep up the good job, guys!

    P.S. : Currently waiting for an official Rusty episode!


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