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By | May 1, 2016

Pixelated Audio - Video Game Music podcast and Retro Gaming Sunset Riders

In 1991, Konami was cranking out hits for pretty much every system available. However, Sunset Riders for the arcade, refused to blend into the herd of releases. While it’s fun music, bright colors and its availability in a beastly 4 player cabinet made it hard to miss, the gameplay made it hard to forget. Join us as we bury you with pixels from the music of the arcade (Motoaki Furukawa) and console ports.

Pixelated Audio - Video Game Music podcast and Retro Gaming Sunset RidersTrack List:
0:00:00 The Magnificent Four (Arc)
0:06:55 Gunfight at the Sunset Corral
0:17:57 It’s Time to Pay!
0:28:06 Butch Cassidy and Sunset Riders
0:29:32 Draw, Pilgrim!
0:38:14 Face with Courage
0:39:27 You and He, Big Trouble!
0:46:00 The Rosy Setting Sun
0:52:38 We’re Gonna Blow You Away!
0:53:10 Adios, Amigo!
0:53:35 Me Ready for Pow-wow!
0:56:29 Ay, Chihuahua!
0:56:58 The Great Petal
1:00:21 Continue of Sorrow
1:03:09 The Big Win
1:06:05 Gunfight at the Sunset Corral (Gen)
1:07:30 Butch Cassidy and Sunset Riders (SNES)
1:13:44 Mr. Pink Poncho’s Western Rock Band (remixed by Dr. Manhattan – OC ReMix)

Sunset Riders – Arcade, Genesis and Super Nintendo composed by Motoaki Furukawa
View the pack on – ripped by RichterEX2

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2 thoughts on “Sunset Riders – PA54

  1. Patrick K.

    Fun episode guys! I enjoyed the background on Motoaki Furukawa. I also really liked how you guys played the separate channels – I’m curious how you managed to do that with the arcade tracks?

    Always loved the ORCH hits in Konami games. So much so I even wrote an article about it back in the day.

    Also, a slight correction – the track you played at 1:05:10 was in actuality the Genesis version of the tune — The SNES version sounds a lot closer to the Arcade version (and is played in Level 3, just like the Arcade).

    1. bmosley Post author

      thanks Patrick! oh and good catch.. total flub on my part while editing. put in the wrong track (doh). thanks for letting me know, just fixed it :) our explanation will definitely make more sense to listeners now! we’ll make sure to put a note in the next episode

      channel separation is pretty easy with the right tools, we typically do it for every show esp when we feature a chip. PC98 was a fun one to dissect since the chip combo is so brilliant.

      hit me up on twitter for a run down whenever you want!


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