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In June of 2012, Cipher Prime Studios released Splice, a puzzle game about organizing cells into increasingly complex patterns. It’s a game that requires concentration and it’s also a bit about tampering with nature. Splice can be purchased on a number of platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, PS3 and PS4 but no matter where you purchase it, it’s a challenging and mentally rewarding game accompanied by a beautiful piano soundtrack composed by Dain Saint, who we have joining us on the show today.

Cipher Prime is a Philadelphia-based indie game and interactive art studio co-founded in 2008 by Dain Saint and Will Stallwood. With Dain as technical director and Will as creative director, the team has made more than 10 games including Pulse, Intake, Auditorium and Fractal. Cipher Prime has also been a driving force in the Philadelphia indie game scene for over a decade where they ran a co-working space and hosted numerous events for game developers over the years.

Dain Saint himself is an accomplished musician, artist and designer. In addition to his composition and technical work on games, he also writes poetry, produces music videos, and many other creative pursuits. His first and main instrument is the piano, and he also sings and plays guitar. The piano work on Splice features beautiful melodies, sweeping arpeggios thick with reverb and emotional highs and lows that switch from euphoric to dark at a moment’s notice.

Join us for this captivating first interview of 2021 where we cover a range of topics from the music itself, to the metaphysical symbolism throughout the game, to current events and beyond.

All tracks composed by Dain Saint

Track List:

  • 0:00:00 Barachiel
  • 0:13:03 Gabriel
  • 0:32:23 Eremiel
  • 0:41:41 Darda’il
  • 0:51:01 Cassiel
  • 1:04:30 Ganymede
  • 1:18:16 Reflection






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