Bonus Stage with Josh – PA144

Today we’re joined by guitarist Josh of the VGM band The Runaway Four. Together we talk about his band and their music, as well as Bonus Stage, a very important project that came into being last year in April right in the midst of lockdowns. Bonus Stage is a monthly online series of live video game music concerts that feature a wide range of bands and genres. As hard as 2020 was, Bonus Stage (formerly Virtual VGM Fest) has become a bright spot in the community for VGM lovers and performers alike.

Josh comes to us from Vancouver Canada and brings with him some fantastic and varied VGM from across the spectrum, all sourced from Bonus Stage performers. We even included a teaser track for the upcoming Bonus Stage X event on February 13 and we hope you enjoy listening to the music as much as we did.

Below we’ve included links to the organization and some of their upcoming events, the track list, and all the bands appearing in the show.


Bonus Stage Vancouver

Twitch | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook

If you are interested in performing in a Bonus Stage event, email bonusstagevan [at] gmail [dot] com.


Upcoming Bonus Stage events

Episode Track List:

  • 0:00:00 This Game Is Baroquen (various)
    • Arranged by Runaway Four
    • Music from Final Fantasy IX, ActRaiser, Super Mario RPG, Columns, Katamari Damacy
  • 0:10:10 Title – Robocop (C64)
    • Arranged by Marshall Art
    • Composed by Jonathan Dunn
  • 0:21:26 Prelude – Final Fantasy (NES)
    • Arranged by 88bit
    • Composed by Nobou Uematsu
  • 0:33:20 Jump Up, Super Star! – Super Mario Odyssey (Switch)
    • Arranged by Tiggs and Consoul
    • Composed by Naoto Kubo
  • 0:47:30 You Will Be The Hero of this F***ing Gym – Violent Storm (Arcade)
    • Arranged by ErichWK
    • Composed by Kenichiro Fukui
  • 0:58:58 Bright Minded Scientist
    • Composed and arranged by Press X
    • Based on story in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future
  • 1:10:09 In My Heart – Kingdom Hearts (PS2)
    • Arranged by EyeQ
    • Composed by Yoko Shimomura
  • 1:22:52 Fall (Ghost Synth) – Stardew Valley (various)
    • Arranged by Sybil Grace
    • Composed by Eric Barone
  • 1:33:01 The End of the Battle – To Out World – Gunstar Heroes (Genesis)
    • Arranged by Monte
    • Composed by Norio Hanzawa



Runaway Four

Virtual VGM Fest 4.0 Performance

Bandcamp | Patreon | Instagram | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook |  Website



Marshall Art

Virtual VGM Fest Ultimate Performance

Bandcamp | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook



88 Bit

Virtual VGM Fest Ultimate Performance

Bandcamp | Twitch | YouTube | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Website



Tiggs & ConSoul

Virtual VGM Fest Ultimate Performance

Tiggs: Facebook | YouTube | ConSoul: Bandcamp | Website




Athletic Aesthetic Livestream

Bandcamp | YouTube | Facebook


Press X

Virtual VGM Fest Ultimate Performance

Bandcamp | Spotify | Facebook | Instagram




Virtual VGM Fest Ultimate Performance

Bandcamp | Spotify | Twitch | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Website



Sybil Grace

Stardew Valley – Fall (Ghost Synth) Single

Bandcamp | YouTube | Facebook | Website




Virtual VGM Fest Ultimate Performance



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