Gremlin Graphics with Neil Biggin – PA175

Today we’re joined by industry legend Neil Biggin in an absolutely massive show! Neil regales us with hilarious stories as we cover a wide range of his electronic music during his time at Gremlin Graphics from about 1992-1996. He walks us through some memories of landmark events during the 16 and 32-bit eras: the launch of the CD32, the first days of the Playstation, and being at a company with one of the world’s first motion capture studios.

Neil Biggin began his career with Zool 2 on Amiga, and continued with games like the CD32 versions of Zool 1 and 2 and Top Gear 2, Top Gear 3000, the Actua (or VR) sports games, Loaded, Re-Loaded, a number of FIFA games from 1997-2000, and music porting duties for the Desert/Jungle Strike games. His earliest works are teeming with the lovely sounds of Rave and House music, but as his sound progresses he gets deeper into other genres like Metal, Jungle, Drum and Bass and much more. Whether you’re new to his work or an old fan, Neil’s music continues to sound great to this day.

Neil is also in the process of re-releasing much of his music. Check out his Spotify as more gradually starts appearing over the coming months. He’s also working on the latest iteration of the Amiga Immortal album series where Amiga legends like himself, Barry Leitch and many others come together to remaster their own works for modern audiences.

Neil’s Links:

The kooky song that Neil was thinking of was indeed Martian Hop by the Ran-Dells, a kitsch classic that’s still pretty entertaining today.

Track List:

All tracks composed by Neil Biggin unless otherwise stated. Tracks marked with a * indicate previews, newly released tracks or exclusive unreleased material shared from Neil.

  • 0:00:00 Zool 2 – Mount Ices (Amiga)
  • 0:08:09 (Bedding) Zool 2 – Bulberry Hill (Amiga)
  • 0:12:38 Zool – Track 6 (CD32)
  • 0:25:51 Top Gear 2 – Track 1 (CD32)
  • 0:33:18 Top Gear 3000 – Track 2 (SNES)
  • 0:40:15 (Bedding) Top Gear 3000 – Track 3 (SNES)
  • 0:44:32 (Excerpt) Zool 2 – Bulberry Hill (Remaster)*
  • 0:44:54 (Bedding) Desert Strike – Title (DOS – Adlib)
  • 0:47:57 (Bedding) Jungle Strike – TItle (SNES)
  • 0:50:07 Bedding) Jungle Strike – The Madman’s Son (SNES)
  • 0:51:00 (SFX) Jungle Strike (SNES)
  • 0:51:43 Premier Manager 3 – Title (Amiga)
  • 0:59:48 Loaded – Track 6 (PS1)
  • 1:14:24 Zool 2 – Tooting Common (CD32), demo also used in Loaded as a hidden track
  • 1:19:48 Actua Golf – Main Menu (SAT)
  • 1:26:19 Actua Golf – Options (SAT)*
  • 1:38:59 Re-Loaded – Purpid (PS1)
  • 1:59:40 Shoot For Loot – Title Theme (Arcade)*
  • 2:01:22 Shoot For Loot – Track 5 (Arcade)*
  • 2:15:54 Hardcore 4×4 Flea’s Dreams (PS1 – Unreleased OST)*

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