PA Music Disk Vol. 4 – PA114

By | May 21, 2019

After a long break we’re back with another Music Disk volume for more FM synth.

This episode’s music comes from a disk titled Imagical Musion Depot Vol. 3 by the group Active Gamers, led by NT-3 for the PC-8801. The disk was released in 1996 and uses PMD ver3.9 (by KAJA). Get ready for another round of mostly originals from a slew of different musicians in a range of styles.

Imagical Musion Depot Vol. 3

Composed by: NT-3, Monden, Amakko 2go, OSATOH, MKR, SHYNER, JNY, yon, Stradivarius, Masaya Saito, Anima, Unira, MORU

Track list:

  • 0:00:00 The Second Mission NT-3
  • 0:09:02 Hangout NT-3
  • 0:13:31 Tricky NT-3
  • 0:18:35 Stranger Monden
  • 0:22:34 Euro Dance Monden
  • 0:24:53 Bad Scheme Monden
  • 0:29:05 Catch Me Tonight Monden
  • 0:33:46 Urban Cats OSATOH
  • 0:39:26 Schizoid Masaya Saito
  • 0:43:57 Imada Minu Chinohate ni  yon
  • 0:47:39 Passed by Anima
  • 0:54:12 Yume no Naka no Chiisana Genjitsu NT-3

2 thoughts on “PA Music Disk Vol. 4 – PA114

  1. Wickedsephiroth

    That Bad Scheme track makes me think of if Adol Christin in an Ys game jumped into a space ship and suddenly it’s a shoot-em-up firing at aliens instead of slashing demons!

    1. bmosley Post author

      Haha! That’s a strangely great analogy. Btw, hope you heard the shoutout at the end ;) thanks again!


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