PA Music Disk Vol. 2 – PA80

By | May 1, 2017

Pixelated Audio - Video Game Music podcast and Retro Gaming Firecracker Music Disk We are back with another Music Disk volume to satisfy the craving for more FM synth!

Today we’re featuring some select tunes from a disk title “Firecracker Music Collection vol.A: Comiket 42 Special” composed, arranged, and programmed entirely by CHEMOOL (Takahiro Yonemura). This disk was release for the PC-8801 on August 16th, 1992 and uses PMD v3.3 (by KAJA). Join us for some good ol’ fashion doujin originals and arrangements.

Track list:

  • 0:00:06 Tetrafreaks (Tetraforce)
  • 0:04:05 Vapor Trail (Vapor Trail) – GAMADELIC
  • 0:08:01 Minor-1 (Legend of Noten)
  • 0:15:29 BGM-E (Atomic Robokid) – Mecano Associates
  • 0:18:13 Wagiagare! Power (Midnight Resistance) – GAMADELIC
  • 0:21:09 Running Up! (Bass enhanced version) (Dirt Fox) – Shinji Hosoe
  • 0:27:19 Flash Flash Flash (Bosconian X68k) – Yuzo Koshiro
  • 0:31:48 Activation (Martial Age X68k) – KIYO
  • 0:35:59 Lost of Consciousness (Nouten Chokugeki III)
  • 0:40:08 Exert all your Powers!!~ (Super Sonic Shooter)


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