Masters of VGM 2 – PA180

Pixelated Audio is back for the second annual Masters of VGM (@MastersofVGM), an event every June where podcasts come together to highlight some game music composers, either personal favorites or some that deserve a bit more attention. The event was created by bedroth, host of Very Good Music and BGMania podcasts. Check out some of the other participating shows in Masters of VGM and see what people are up to, or discover some new VGM podcast favorites!

We picked a selection of 8 more VGM Masters, all of them amazing women composers, covering a mix of music from the 80s to today.

Track List:

  • 0:00:00 Ruins – Brandish (PC-98) by Mieko Ishikawa
  • 0:09:25 Goodbye, Adol (Unused track) – Ys II (PC-88) by Mieko Ishikawa
  • 0:15:35 Centaur Man – Mega Man 6 (NES) by Yuko Takehara
  • 0:18:19 Charlie’s Theme – X-Men vs. Street Fighter (ARC) by Yuko Takehara
  • 0:24:37 Shoo-Bee-Doo Hullabaloo – Sackboy: A Big Adventure (PS4/PS5/Win) by Winifred Phillips
  • 0:33:30 Area 4 – Planet Ocean (Aquabomber) – Bomberman World (PS1) by Jun Chikuma
  • 0:41:02 Imminent Defeat – Neo Nectaris (TGCD) by Jun Chikuma
  • 0:44:10 Main Theme – Assassin’s Creed Origins (Various) by Sarah Schachner
  • 0:53:34 Versus Oz – Sword of Etheria / OZ (PS2) by Michiru Yamane
  • 0:57:37 Haunted Manor – Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom (Various) by Michiru Yamane
  • 1:02:16 Fighting Chance – Dicey Dungeons (Various) by Chipzel
  • 1:07:43 Authority – Octahedron (Various) by Chipzel
  • 1:15:39 Welcome to Moonglow Bay – Moonglow Bay (Various) by Lena Raine
  • 1:22:01 Exhale – Celeste (Various) by Lena Raine

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