KGB / Conspiracy – PA129

KGB or Conspiracy is a 1992 game developed by Cryo Interactive Entertainment and published by Virgin Games for DOS and Amiga. KGB is a 1st person point and click adventure where you play as Maksim Rukov, an agent transferred to Department P and ordered to investigate possible corruption in the KGB after a former agent turns up dead.  It’s a challenging race against time that takes places in the gloomy final days of the Soviet Union.

The core soundtrack for DOS was composed by Stéphane Picq, with an original track and porting to Amiga handled by Alexandre Ekian. The music is a mix of moody electronic ambience and energetic melodic flourishes and features some of the best use of the Adlib (OPL2) soundchip from that era thanks to the custom HERAD music system by programmer and Cryo co-founder Remi Herbulot.

Stéphane Picq worked on a number of other titles, including the incredible 1992 Dune soundtrack, MegaRace, Lost Eden and Riverworld but left the industry around 1998. Alexandre Ekian worked on the Amiga port of Dune, and wrote the music for Super Burnout on the Atari Jaguar, but unfortunately we found little else about him. In any case, sit back and enjoy these long but excellent tunes.


Track List:

All tracks composed by Stéphane Picq, except Exxolove composed by Alexandre Ekian

  • 05:10 Burokrat – OPL2
  • 24:30 Kursk – OPL2
  • 40:45 Exxolove – Amiga
  • 53:00 Gorbi – OPL2
  • 1:06:30 Paradise – MT-32
  • 1:19:20 Gulag – OPL2
  • 1:29:30 Machine – OPL2

2 thoughts on “KGB / Conspiracy – PA129

  1. EpochAWOL

    My first family PC when I was in middle-school was a Packard Bell 486 with Windows 3.1 and it totally came with Mega Race bundled in. The first time I ever made a tech-support call was my little twelve year old self calling terrified I broke the thing when the game froze up on me. It was also an important lesson where I learned to just reboot the thing.


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