GunMaster – PA187

GunMaster is a December 1994 arcade exclusive game developed by Metro Corporation. It’s a single or two-player boss rush action game that’s part fighting game and part platformer; think a dash of Gunstar Heroes with a Neo Geo art style. The game uses a well-established combo of soundchips: the OKIM6295 for 4 channels of ADPCM and the YM2151 for 8 channels of FM audio.

Metro Corporation was best known in the 90s for their Bust a Groove / Bust a Move series. More recently they’ve been a contract developer for Nintendo working on several Pokemon games and the Switch re-release of the Another Code / Trace Memory games.

The soundtrack was composed by a trio under the pseudonyms Famishin, MAZ, and Shadow although our information about them is limited. What we do know is that Famishin continues to work in the game industry with their company Yuzusoft, with game releases as recently as 2022. MAZ was last seen as composer for Metro Corporation’s PS1 game BursTrick: Wake Boarding!!, and Shadow is as elusive as Totsukurzwell (from our show on Dangerous Seed). As always, we hope you enjoy this boss music heavy soundtrack.

All songs composed by Famishin, MAZ, and Shadow

  • 00:00 Opening
  • 01:52 Soldier Ore, Aries
  • 09:39 Pearl, Onyx & Gemini
  • 13:09 Leo
  • 20:02 Turquoise
  • 22:50 Tourmaline, Virgo
  • 24:56 Aquarius, Taurus
  • 28:11 Cancer, Red Amber
  • 30:55 Capricornus
  • 40:48 Queen Dia
  • 45:45 Ending

Thanks to 2ch-H of VGMRips for creating the pack!

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