Greatest Driver – PA154

We’re back with an episode covering Greatest Driver, a 2D Formula 1 racer for the MSX2 released in 1988. The game was produced by T&E Soft, a developer and publisher primarily known for golf games in the 90s, Red Alarm for the Virtual Boy and the Hydlide series. Composers Kazunori Hasegawa and Shigeru Tomita bring us some fun jams, especially the intro and ending tunes. Most of the music is using the OPLL / YM2413 FM chip with a few brief detours into other areas. It’s a short show and we hope you enjoy the music!

All tracks using the YM2413 chip unless otherwise stated

Composers: Kazunori Hasegawa and Shigeru Tomita

Track List:

  • 00:06 Opening Theme
  • 05:27 Opening Theme (PSG)
  • 11:03 Mode Select
  • 13:07 Course Overview
  • 13:50 Tuning Mode
  • 19:30 Race Theme (PSG + OPLL) – from Greatest Driver 2D Special
  • 21:25 Victory
  • 24:39 Staff Roll

Special thanks to GTheGuardian for the rips of both the PSG and FM versions on VGMRips!

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