Expansion Pack VII with Richard Hubbell – PA28

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It’s time for another Expansion Pack which means another awesome set of video game music to scope out. Richard Hubbell joins us in today’s episode and brought some great chip tunes to the mix. We had a lot of fun with this show and we think you’ll enjoy it.

Track List:
0:00:06 Whirlwind – Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master (Gen) – Masayuki NagaoHirofumi MurasakiMorihiko Akiyama
0:05:26 Game Over – Punisher (Amiga) –  Steve and Dave Hasler
0:12:58 Eusine’s Theme – Pokemon Crystal (GBC) – Junichi MasudaMorikazu AokiGo Ichinose
0:19:46 Menu – Pebble Beach Golf Links (Gen) – Yumi Kinoshita
0:25:52 Options – Guilty Gear Petit (WS) – Takayuki Nakamura
0:31:54 Path to the Fort – Xak: The Art of Visual Stage (MSX) – Tadahiro Nitta, Ryuji Sasai
0:39:14 Credits – Game Boy Camera (GB) – Hirokazu TanakaMinako HamanoKentaro Nishimura
0:46:52 Technoir Disco – Terminator (Gen) – Matt Furniss
0:51:54 Futura – Liberator (Amiga) – Mark Sheeky
1:02:17 Moon and Stars – Grind Stormer (Gen) – Masahiro Yuge

 Richard has been rocking VGM for years and hosted a show on 91.9 KCSB (Santa Barbara’s College Radio) called VGM Pickin’s and you can check out the archive at mixcloud.com/RichardHubbz @RichardHubbz – Twitter | r_hubbz – Instagram

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One thought on “Expansion Pack VII with Richard Hubbell – PA28

  1. Chase

    Awesome episode! guys! Shout out to Richard for that Pebble Beach Golf Links track! I grew up with that shizzzzz


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