Expansion Pack XXIX: T&E Golf with Hammock – PA168

KVGM’s host Hammock joins us once again in this expansion pack to talk about the many lovely tunes produced for T&E Soft golf games over the years. We also have the voice of another special guest from 1995’s hit game Pebble Beach Golf Links, arguably the crown jewel of T&E golf games.

Kick back, relax and and enjoy an Arnold Palmtree in the golf clubhouse along with some relaxing tunes. If you like what you hear, check out more from KVGM – The Last Wave on iTunes or your favorite podcatcher, on Twitter at @kvgmradio, on YouTube, or online at kvgmradio.com

Track List:

  • 00:04 Pebble Beach Golf Links (SAT) – Opening Movie by Yumi Satake
  • 01:19 (Bedding) Pebble Beach: The Great Shot (ST-V) – BGM by unknown
  • 02:08 (Bedding) True Swing Golf (DS) – BGM2 by Katsumi Yokokawa
  • 04:55 Masters Harakanaru Augusta 2 (SFC) – BGM2 by Yumi Satake
  • 09:37 New 3D Golf Simulation Eight Lakes G.C. (PC98) – Menu by Yumi Satake
  • 13:55 Golf / T&E Virtual Golf (VB) – Options ~ Map Screen by Ken Kojima
  • 18:36 (Bedding) Masters Harukanaru Augusta 3 (SAT) – Settings by Yumi Satake
  • 22:30 New 3D Golf Simulation: Devil’s Course (GEN/MD) – Music 4 by T&E Sound Staff
  • 27:35 True Golf Classics: Waialae Country Club (GEN/MD) – BGM1 by T&E Sound Staff
  • 33:09 Swing Away Golf (PS2) – Scorecard by Katsumi Yokokawa, Kiyoe Ohashi
  • 36:31 (Bedding) Pebble Beach Golf Links (GEN) by Yumi Satake, Shigekazu Kamaki, Yusaburo Shimojyo
  • 38:46 Pebble Beach Golf Links (SAT) – BGM1 by Yumi Satake
  • 42:27 Pebble Beach Golf Links (SAT) – “Breaktime at the Clubhouse” (Movie BGM) by Yumi Satake
  • 44:15 (Bedding) Masters: Shin Harukanaru Augusta (PS1) – Track 35 by unknown
  • 44:55 Valora Valley Golf (SAT) – Tutorial by Yumi Satake?
  • 49:01 (Bedding) Pebble Beach Golf Links (3DO/SAT) – Settings by Yumi Satake
  • 53:24 Junclassic C.C. & Rope Club (SAT) – BGM by Yusaburo Shimojyo

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