Expansion Pack XIII – PA50

By | March 1, 2016

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We’re extremely proud to have made it to episode 50 and put together a great show worthy of that milestone. So, with much thought and many show ideas kicked around, we finally decided on a plus sized Expansion Pack! Get ready for 14 tracks from several different systems, game genres, and styles!

Track List:
0:00:00 Uranus Theme by Masatomo Miyamoto Godzilla: Monster of Monsters! (Fami)
0:06:21 Ending by Shouji Tomii, Minoru Endo Vertical Force (VB)
0:11:43 Track 1 by Wally Beben Advanced D&D: Pool of Radiance (Ami)
0:21:10 10 Years After (part2) by Masaaki Uno Arcus II: Silent Symphony (X68k)
0:28:46 Town Conflict (Area 2) by Eikichi Kawaseki Psycho Soldier (Arc)
0:35:10 You’re Mine by Takafumi Wada Big Bang Pro Wrestling (NGPC)
0:42:00 Intro – Aztec Temples by Paul Gadbois Greendog: The Beached Surfer Dude! (Gen)
0:48:48 Sudden Change by Ryu Umemoto, Ryu Takami, Kazuhiro Kanae YU-NO (PC98)
0:58:06 Eastern Pop’n Girl by Hyakutaro Tsukumo Koutetsu Reiiki: Steeldom (SS)
1:05:01 Track 1 by Jeroen Tel Scout (C64)
1:14:18 Battle in the Royal Crypt by Shigeki Hayashi Knights in the Nightmare (DS)
1:22:00 BGM 02 by Kenichi Kimura , Kaio Tsurata, Hiroki Matsunaga Oyaji Hunter Mahjong (3DO)
1:30:50 Night Flight by Katsuhiko Suzuki Silhouette Mirage (SS)
1:38:05 W5 by Martin Iveson Wolfchild (Ami)


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