Expansion Pack XVII – PA75

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Back with another selection of semi-random VGM tracks from a number of different systems. We’ve been a bit overdue for an Expansion Pack so listen in, join the fun, brush that 3D horse hair, and let us know what you think of the tunes.

Track List:
0:00:00 J Pick: Ultima – Dragon Saber (Arc) Shinji Hosoe
0:08:49 B Pick: BGM #5 – Wonder Classic (WSC) T. Fujitani
0:15:35 J Pick: Highly Responsive to Prayers – Touhou Reiiden (PC98) Junya Ota aka ZUN
0:23:26 B Pick: Minigame – My Horse 3D (3DS)
0:30:58 J Pick: Night Bird (Boss) – Grind Stormer/V-V (Arc) Masahiro Yuge
0:38:23 B Pick: Intro/Anarchy – TFX – (Ami) Barry Leitch
0:51:25 J Pick: Subterranean City – Zeliard (Tandy) Mecano Associates
0:57:37 B Pick: Title (Laughing Ghost) – Legend of Hero Tonma (TG16/PCE) Masahiko Ishida

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4 thoughts on “Expansion Pack XVII – PA75

  1. Barry Leitch

    you guys say the nicest things… You should have played the remix from Immortal rather than the old mod file..

  2. Thales MG

    Great work, guys!

    I really liked the Minigame track from My Horse 3D, but I’m having a
    hard time tracking it down to download (the game itself seems pretty
    ellusive to find!).

    Could you give me a hint of where to find that track for download?


    P.S.: I tried to post this a couple times now, but something is
    preventing this comment from showing up in the page…

    1. bmosley Post author

      Heya! Glad you liked the show. Man, I have no idea where I got that track to be honest. It might have been from the game itself ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’ll take a look but join our discord server and msg one of us there :)

      If it’s the first time posting it gets flagged to be screened first!


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