Basted – PA117

Basted (バステッド) is a Japanese exclusive PC-Engine CD game released in 1994 developed and published by NEC Avenue.

The game is a very lightweight action RPG. Over the course of its rather short 3 hour playtime, you’ll see over 30 minutes of beautiful (and sometimes risque) cutscenes from AIC Spirits with the voice acting and music handled by 81 Produce.

The game uses redbook audio almost exclusively so prepare for CD audio spanning a wide range of genres from rock, dance, to honky tonk and beyond. We hope you enjoy the show and the various tracks Basted has to offer.

Track List:

All tracks produced by 81 Produce, with project management led by Touru Nakano

  • 00:05 File Manager (Save Data Menu)
  • 07:16 Overworld
  • 12:15 The Town of Marisoon
  • 18:58 Marisoon Aftermath
  • 22:32 Battle Player Select / Battle
  • 31:52 Ruins of Marisoon Castle
  • 35:52 Boss Battle
  • 43:12 Palace
  • 46:20 Largryme Final Form
  • 50:03 Staff Roll
  • 55:40 Ending

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