Mitsume ga Tooru with guest Hiroyuki Iwatsuki – PA78

mitsume ga tooru NES famicom Pixelated Audio Hiroyuki iwatsuki interview

Mitsume ga Tooru might not have made a western appearance, but what’s not to love? The gameplay is simple, accessible, and challenging – but not in a frustrating ‘rage-quit’ way, we loved it. Honestly, the soundtrack is awesome and going to be a lot of fun to listen to together with you. Composer, Hiroyuki Iwatsuki, makes an appearance as well to provide some extra insight on the game and his career.

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Expansion Pack XVIII – PA77

Expansion Pack XVIII - PA77

In this episode we have a healthy dose of video game music from a variety of different games, systems and composers. Join in as we discuss the music and explore the games in Expansion Pack XVII.

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Out Zone with guest Tatsuya Uemura – PA76

Pixelated Audio - Video Game Music podcast and Retro Gaming Tatsuya Uemura

Toaplan was one of the most well-loved developers in the shooter genre with a number of releases including Tiger-Heli, Twin Cobra, Hellfire, Truxton, and Zero Wing. In 1990, they released a different style of shooter called Out Zone which and is one of the most significant departures from the company’s catalog but still retains all the excitement, difficulty, and attention to detail. Join us as we dive into the soundtrack and have a chat with the composer of Out Zone (as well as many others) Tatsuya Uemura.

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