Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap with guests Shinichi Sakamoto, Michael Geyre, Omar Cornut, and Romain Gauthier – PA95

Pixelated Audio Episode 95 Video Game Music Podcast. Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap with guests Shinichi Sakamoto, Michael Geyre, Omar Cornut, and Romain Gauthier

WonderBoy III: The Dragon’s Trap is a special game for a lot of people in a lot of ways. Today we will explore all the different paths to find its hidden gameplay and musical treasures. Much like the game, with its colorful cast of playable characters, we will not be alone on this journey of discovery. We are joined by the original composer Shinichi Sakamoto as well as Michael Geyre, Omar ‘Bock’ Cornut and Romain Gauthier from the amazing team that brought this game back to life in 2017 for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Whether you played this back in the day on the Master System, picked this up for a modern console, or even have it on your ‘wish list’ we think you will enjoy this interesting (and chaotic at times) look into a game that was so ahead of its time it’s still enjoyable today.

Track list:

Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap (Sega Master System)
Sega, Westone – 1989
Music composed by Shinichi Sakamoto

  • 0:00:10 The Last Dungeon
  • 0:07:08 VS Mecha Dragon
  • 0:12:48 Monster Town
  • 0:22:12 Side Crawler’s Dance
  • 0:27:35 Mind of Hero (FM version) – based on the vgm pack name
  • 0:30:28 Dragon’s Trap (FM version)
  • 0:33:55 Desert Zone (TG16/PCE version)
  • 0:36:41 Monster’s Lair

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap (Remake)
DotEmu, Lizardcube – 2017
Music composed/arranged by Michael Geyre and Romain Gauthier

  • 0:39:50 Introduction
  • 0:51:21 The Last Dragon
  • 1:02:49 Monster Town
  • 1:17:12 Adventure Zone
  • 1:25:10 Mind of Hero – Beach (Ukulele Backing)
  • 1:38:11 Adventure Zone (Underground)
  • 1:59:31 VS Dragon Meka
  • 2:10:47 Endless War

The Dragon’s Trap (remake) official website

Lizardcubewebsite | DotEmuwebsite

Michael Geyre and Romain Gauthier in the Lizardcube Dev Diary – youtube

Omar Cornut – Works and info – miracleworld

wonder boy III original soundtrack

Available on Bandcamp for only €5 EUR (under $6 USD) or more!


Released July 12, 2017

Music by: Michael Geyre
Based on original work by: Shinichi Sakamoto
Additional Arrangements by: Romain Gauthier

Direction, Arrangements, Programming, Accordion, Piano, Synthesizers: Michael Geyre
Alto: Marie-Laure Prioleau
Bandoneon: Patrick Brugalières
Bansuri Flute: Émilie Calmé
Cello: Emmanuelle Faure
Clarinet: Eric Moncoucout
Double Bass: Mathieu Sternat
Drums: Ersoj Kazimov
Guitar: Loïc le Guillanton
Mandolin, Violin: Camille Raibaud
Oboe: Eric Cassen
Oud: Ziad Ben Youssef
Tenor Sax: Ernest W Hillard
Trumpet, Cornet, Trombone: Michael W Hillard
Violin: Yann Brébia, Jean-Christophe Morel
Whistle: Arnaud Bibone
Additional Arrangements, Programming: Romain Gauthier
Additional Drums: Gaétan Diaz
Additional Violin: Adèle Docherty
Recording: Pierre Delmas, Olivier Grall
Mixing, Mastering: Olivier Grall
Bonus Track 88 by: Kenneth C M Young

Recorded at Studio Patrick Brugalières, France.

4 thoughts on “Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap with guests Shinichi Sakamoto, Michael Geyre, Omar Cornut, and Romain Gauthier – PA95

  1. N.O.R.M.

    FanTAStic episode! So much great info, live playing, and…….Sting!

    You can’t get this content in any other game music podcast.

    Just awesome…

  2. Professeur Oz


    I discovered your show last summer and i’m quite a fan.
    I used to talk about old video games in a french podcast (la caz retro) and specially, about their ost and their composers. It’s just logic if i find myself in your show.
    Dragon’s Trap is one of my favourite games and i’m particulary proud that it’s some french dev who made a such great remake.
    So thanks for this podcast and thanks for your work.


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