Whistling Wild Arms – PA05

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Throw in traditional JRPG elements, some Ancient Relic Machines and a touch of the Wild West and you’ve got yourself Wild Arms for the Sony Playstation. Join us as we go through Filgaia’s story, battles, characters and, of course, the sweet music from a very talented and versatile composer, Michiko Naruke.

Media.Vision put together a great game with a deep fulfilling story full of engaging gameplay and characters you will grow to love. This is a title every gamer (RPG fan or not) needs to play. So check out this episode and get inspired to go on an adventure of your own with Rudy, Jack and Cecilia.

Track List:
0:00:07 To the End of the Wilderness
0:04:55 Hope
0:07:11 Alone in the World
0:09:55 Migratory Birds of the Wilderness
0:16:29 Town
0:18:17 Adlehyde Castle
0:19:55 Warriors Whistle
0:28:35 After the Chaos and Destruction
0:30:39 Screaming World
0:32:03 Lament and a Promise
0:42:22 Critical Hit!
0:43:50 Moment of Tension
0:45:01 Battle vs. Mid-Boss
0:52:31 Morning of the Journey
0:55:12 The Prologue Beginning from Here
1:05:00 Succumb to Wilderness (OCReMix) Level 99

Wild Arms (PSX) Composed by Michiko Naruke (VGMdb | Personal Site)

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2 thoughts on “Whistling Wild Arms – PA05

  1. Chase

    I absolutely loved this episode. I am a first time listener recommended from the guys that do the “Bleeps and Bloops” podcast and I was very impressed. I had been looking for a show like this for a while that chooses great music, plays all of the music and multiple tracks from one game. In addition to where the hosts don’t talk too much.

    The production quality is awesome! Mics are on point and everything.

    I really enjoyed how you guys talked in depth of the game, knew the game you were talking about because you played it, talked about the composer and her history before and after Wild Arms and the track descriptions.

    I recently heard of Wild Arms through “podcast “Beyond” (IGN) when a gentleman named Colin Moriarty said that people should play it because it has a great story and was released around the same time of Final Fantasy VII but was sadly overshadowed. Now, with this recent podcast episode I am sold on buying the game. It sounds amazing, exciting and I can’t wait to play it.

    Thank you for a great episode! I have subscribed. I’m looking forward to hearing more and keep up the great work!

  2. bmosley Post author

    Awesome! Glad you liked the show. We have a lot more on the way :)

    Wild Arms is totally fun and deserves to be given some attention even today. While no part of it is overly complex, as far as the general game system, it’s a blast to play. I’m still plowing through it at this point and plan to ride it out until the end. We definitely try to be subjective on the topic since not all games are really worth going back and investing a LOT of time… thanks again for the feedback!


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