The Knightmare Saga – PA30

By | July 15, 2015

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The MSX, while extremely popular in Asia, South America, and parts of Europe, unfortunately never gained footing on U.S. even though some of the most influential games of the 80s debuted on the home computer. Many publishers released gems on it but Konami was a company that made a huge impact on the platform while leaving some true gaming classics, like the Knightmare series, behind.

Knightmare (魔城伝説 Majou Densetsu), The Maze of Galious, and Shalom were released between 1986 and 1987 and even though they are all completely different (in terms of gameplay) they share an intriguing story, detailed graphics, and some of the catchiest chip tunes around.

Track List:
0:00:04 Opening Theme – Knightmare III
0:08:15 BGM 1 – Knightmare
0:09:15 Boss 1
0:09:35 Boss 2
0:10:01 BGM 2
0:19:45 BGM 1 – SCC+ Konami Games Collection #1
0:20:18 BGM 2
0:20:56 Ending Theme
0:24:06 Prologue – Knightmare II
0:30:23 Castle BGM
0:31:52 World BGM
0:33:00 Great Demon
0:42:34 Castle BGM – Famicom version
0:43:40 Room Theme
0:44:15 Dungeon BGM
0:47:54 Town Theme – Knightmare III
0:53:44 Event BGM 1
0:55:08 Event BGM 2
0:55:56 Field Theme
1:03:30 Farewell
1:04:34 Mountain Theme
1:06:14 To the Final Battle
1:18:03 Ending
1:22:42 Stage 1 (BGM 1) – Knightmare GOLD remixed by Parn

Knightmare composed by Miki Higashino

Knightmare II: Maze of Galious composed by Kazuhiko UeharaKinuyo Yamashita and Miki Higashino

Knightmare III: Shalom composed by Kinuyo YamashitaIku MizutaniYoshinori Sasaki and Kazuhiko Uehara

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8 thoughts on “The Knightmare Saga – PA30

  1. David Woronka

    Never heard of this game and I’m from South America, jaja, anyway.. great tracks, are you guys planning a Doom episode? That would be awesome, thanks for sharing this show, greetings from Argentina.

    1. jbrunner

      Hey David thanks for leaving a comment, we’re glad you liked the tracks! Wow Argentina, that’s amazing!! Doom is not a game currently on our list but we LOVE getting suggestions for episodes that people want to here. So we will look into it the music from the series and see what happens. Thanks again for your support!

  2. Manuel

    Hey guys! Thanks for this shown with another well-deserved load of attention for MSX, my favorite computer system :)

    And yes, I played Maze of Galious in 1988/1989 on the real hardware for months! It’s my all-time favorite video game. Glad you agree it’s so good! (And my dad hates its music, because he had to hear it for days and days…)

    Music was (and still is) very important on the MSX. I hope you will do some more shows on MSX games in the future!

    1. bmosley Post author

      Even though we didn’t grow up with the MSX, we really love the system. Lots of good music and tons of great tracks to play down the road. You’ll be hearing more stuff from it for sure! Thanks

  3. Chase

    My goodness what an amazing show! I want to find at least one of these games and play them. I think I finally have a reason to buy a Retron 5 since they have the English patches for Japanese games. You two have sold me on this 100%. Thanks for doing this show!

    1. Cel

      +1 great show and I knew nothing about the game or the series. do more unique games like this. you guys really excel in finding this stuff.


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