Super Mega Zero with DDRKirby – PA173

By | February 3, 2023

Today we’re joined by composer and indie game developer Timmie aka DDRKirby(ISQ) to talk about their music for Super Mega Zero, an awesome fast-paced puzzle platformer for PC and Switch. We also spend a good deal of time talking about DDRKirby’s work in the indie game scene, as well as their upcoming game Rhythm Quest which sounds amazing.

Super Mega Zero was developed by Silkworm and Rogue Games and released in April of 2022, it’s a mix of VVVVVV and Celeste, so fans of those games will feel right at home. Pick up your copy on Steam or Switch, you’ll be glad you did!

DDRKirby has been involved in composition and indie game development for a long while and their signature “9-bit” style is on full display here. If you like what you hear, check out more from the links below:

Links to some of the other things mentioned

Episode Track List:

All music composed by DDRKirby(ISQ) from Super Mega Zero unless otherwise stated

  • 0:00:05 Super Mega Zero
  • 0:04:03 Cyclic Oscillations
  • 0:12:28 Pursuit of Infinity
  • 0:19:54 Irrational Space
  • 0:30:27 I Love The Sky (arranged) – From Kiwis Can’t Fly
  • 0:41:07 Null Terminator
  • 0:52:30 Tritonal Tribulations
  • 1:04:05 Infinity
  • 1:17:16 Midnight Marauder
  • 1:27:41 Sequential Success

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