Ristar: The Shooting Star – PA38

Pixelated Audio - Video Game Music podcast and Retro Gaming Ristar Episode 38Sega’s Sonic Team released Ristar in 1995, quite late in the Sega Genesis lifespan which left many people unaware of the game’s existence. For the fortunate few that did play this game, we were rewarded with an amazing 16-bit platformer unlike anything else. If you played Ristar, you’ll remember the music from Tomoko Sasaki right away but if you’ve missed out on this game, the welcoming soundtrack will hopefully entice you to give the game a shot.

Track List:

0:00:00 Pray!! Pray!! Play!!
0:04:54 Shooting Ristar
0:06:14 Dancing Leaves
0:14:58 Splash Down!!
0:20:53 Busy Flare
0:22:17 Under Magma
0:32:24 Du-Di-Da!!
0:38:45 Ring Rink
0:40:05 Ice Scream
0:48:46 Lock Up!!
0:49:55 Greedy Game
0:57:11 Formation Lap
0:57:34 Ready, Go!
1:03:30 Star Humming
1:11:24 Fiesta Amongst the Trees (Southwestern College Afro-Cuban Jazz Ensemble)

Ristar: The Shooting Star – Genesis composed by Tomoko Sasaki


2 thoughts on “Ristar: The Shooting Star – PA38

  1. NukeNinja

    Yes! The perfect kind of episode. The kind where you learn something new! I was always curious about Rinstar. Now I might have to try and find it. Great ep!

    1. bmosley Post author

      NukeNinja: it’s totally worth playing.. let us know what you think! and thanks, it feels good to do shows that introduce something new :)


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