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In the 90’s saying Nintendo consoles sucked would get you some new bruises on the at recess. Within 10 years they wrapped up the NES, blew our minds with the Super NES, and followed that with Nintendo 64. You could be thinking to yourself, “Maybe if I mentioned the how bad the Virtual Boy sucked my would-be playground attackers might leave me alone.” But seeing as how the system has been a sore subject for Nintendo fanboys (and girls) since its debut, they might even hit you harder.

Today we have the music from Red Alarm by T&E Soft to prove that no matter what you’ve heard about this system, it doesn’t mean it didn’t have some cool music with awesome stereo effects.

Track List:
0:00:00 Opening
0:15:31 Stage 1
0:23:43 Stage 1 Boss
0:35:29 Stage 2
0:37:41 Clear
0:49:58 Replay
0:58:35 Stage 4
1:02:58 Stage 4 Boss
1:18:06 Stage 5
1:24:21 Stage 5 Boss
1:29:00 The Final Stage
1:34:57 Ending
1:42:55 Red Dimension Remix by McVaffe at OCReMix

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Red Alarm (レッドアラーム) on the Virtual Boy (T&E Soft, 1995) Composed by Ken Kojima

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