Pokemon Snap Island Exposure – PA32

Pixelated Audio - Video Game Music podcast and Retro Gaming Pokemon Snap N64In 1999 Hal Laboratory and Pax Softnica combined to develop a unique and interesting new game for the Nintendo 64 showcase what the N64 could do with 3D environments. Hal and Pax used a very well known Nintendo franchise to help pull this idea off and thus Pokemon Snap was born. Blending cutting edge graphics with beloved characters earned a very special place in gamers hearts and homes. So find a sunny spot, grab a cool drink, close your eyes and let us take you to Pokemon Island for some fun.

Pixelated Audio - Video Game Music podcast and Retro Gaming Pokemon Snap N64Track List:
0:00:09 Title
0:07:39 Beach
0:09:59 Tunnel
0:11:01 Volcano
0:20:14 Options Menu
0:21:44 Professor Oak’s Lab
0:22:52 Course Select
0:31:17 River
0:33:04 Cave
0:35:07 Valley
0:40:32 Cave (Orchestrated Version)
0:44:29 Professor Oak’s Check
0:45:32 Pokemon Report
0:46:54 Gallery
0:58:01 Fantastic Horror (Unreleased)
0:59:17 Horror Boss Theme (Unreleased)
1:07:41 Camera Check
1:08:55 Rainbow
1:10:54 Staff Roll
1:20:47 Tunnel Vision – Remixed by ALFL

Pokemon Snap (N64, 1999) Composed by Ikuko Mimori

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4 thoughts on “Pokemon Snap Island Exposure – PA32

  1. chasebethea

    HECK YES!!!! I love love love that you guys did this episode. This took me right back to my early years and I enjoyed listening to it sooooo much! It was my plan (and still is to do a remix album of this) and I can’t wait. I remember playing the game with my strategy guide book! I still have both copies! My favorite song is Cave but I loved listening to the music again as I am older and having new favorites. Also, the JigglyPuff song happens when you figure out a secret among the Zubat’s in the Cave level. :p

  2. bmosley Post author

    thanks chase! so that’s when that jigglypuff track starts ;) wow, you must have play this a lot! lets hear that REMIX ALREADY!

  3. chasebethea

    I did play a lot. It was so much fun. I was obsessed with getting better pictures and higher scores. The album will come next year sometime. I have 3 more albums to release this year. Thanks for your undying support :D

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