Micro Maniacs – PA104

Micro Maniacs is an isometric racing game (based on the Micro Machines franchise) for the Game Boy Color, released only in the UK and Australia in 2001. This offshoot originally began on the PlayStation, by Codemasters, but given the popularity of Nintendo’s handhelds, it ended up making a transition to the portable market shortly after.

For the Game Boy Color adaptation, Codemasters had less of their hand in its development. This time it was published by THQ and development was subcontracted out to a small group called Hyperion StudiosTHQ also found a composer to do the music, a mysterious contractor known as MESSY STUDIOS.

EDIT: User GBC Fan says that the composer is Laxity (Thomas Egeskov Petersen). We’ll have to follow up but it does seem likely.

Even though it’s a somewhat simple racing title, the C64 demoscene style soundtrack keeps the energy level peaked for the game. Take a listen as we explore the Micro Maniacs soundtrack on the Game Boy Color.

Track List:

  • 0:00:00 Character Select
  • 0:06:06 Title Screen
  • 0:18:01 Gameplay #1
  • 0:26:34 Gameplay #2
  • 0:33:28 Gameplay #3
  • 0:39:48 Gameplay #4 / Ending
  • 0:46:01 Map Screen

6 thoughts on “Micro Maniacs – PA104

  1. Utopianemo

    Man, these tracks are so good! There’s a sound the composer uses as a counter melody that is the same as one used in Gimmick!. This OST is a nice surprise!

    1. GBC FAN

      I’m very sure back in the day this was listed on the Maniacs of Noise website and the composer is Laxity (Thomas Egeskov Petersen).

      1. bmosley Post author

        Laxity?? Ha! I’m gonna have to ask him. I don’t know why that never came to mind as I’ve listened to plenty of his other music. You’d think in the dozen of searches I made this would have come up somewhere. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  2. Ostra Diemgi

    This some really demoscene stuff. I think I’ve heard some PWM in there, which is pretty rare on the GBC. Only a couple of guys used that, like Allister Brimble, Frederic Motte and Will Davis. But as a whole it really reminds me of Stello Doussis style.

  3. Twoflower

    Sorry for necroposting, but just for the sake of someone googling this in the future – this music was made by Laxity in his routine, MPlay2. Drax also had a stab at composing a soundtrack, but it seems that was rejected.

    1. Gene Dreyband

      No problem at all, we always appreciate listeners helping us find correct information. We do our best but sometimes we come up short. Thanks for the update!


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