PA Music Disk Vol. 3 – PA93

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Pixelated Audio Music Disk Vol. 3 features the 7th and final music disk from GC-clusterz. Released in December of 1991, this compilation includes both arrangements of video game music AND original tunes made for the PC-8801 series of computers by NEC. Led by GEPPEL, this doujin group only lasted a year (as GC-clusterz) but produced a ton of music in that short span of time. Join in as we take a listen to some of our favorite tracks from this awesome indie music disk.

GC-clusterz Music Disk vol. 7
December 23, 1991 – NEC PC-8801 – SoundBoard II – PMD v3.3


Track List:

0:00:08 MAYIM MAYIM Euro Arrangement – composed by Senhor.M
0:12:06 Air Battle (Thunder Cross II – Arcade) – arr. by GEPPEL
0:20:36 某Shooting Opening – composed by GEPPEL
0:28:42 Battle Field (Space Harrier – Arcade) – arr. by Kobuhei
0:32:44 某Shooting 1st Name place Entry – composed by Senhor.M
0:36:20 Talisman, Underground Dungeon (Sorcerian – PC-8801) – arr. by GEPPEL
0:40:11 PSG 3 Voices Brings Me to Tears – composed by GEPPEL
0:44:35 Gift of the Wind (Detana!! TwinBee – Arcade) – arr. Tetsuya Ootani
0:48:50 Opening (Demon II – PC-9801) – composed by Senhor.M
0:54:29 Gallantry (Raiden Densetsu – FM Towns)
1:00:41 The deal with Saturday night (土曜日の夜わ大騒ぎ) – composed by GEPPEL

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