Lock’s Quest: The Source of Sound with David J Franco – PA18

Pixelated Audio Episode 18 Lock's Quest - Video Game Music podcast and Retro Gaming

This week on Pixelated Audio, we’re playing music from an amazing little Nintendo DS game that you might have missed called Lock’s Quest. The composer, David J. Franco, joins us for a quick chat and with over 90 tracks in the game he’s done an excellent job of creating a truly inspirational soundtrack. Also, joining the discussion is a close friend and Lock’s Quest enthusiast, Swendu (@swendu).

Track List:

0:00:00 Title Theme
0:08:52 Game Intro #1
0:11:07 Cutscene #1
0:12:00 Tutorial
0:21:28 Village #1
0:23:30 Village #3
0:24:32 World Map Theme
0:31:39 Battle #1
0:33:06 Battle #13
0:35:06 Battle #3
0:52:37 Siege Battle #1
0:53:46 Battle #4
0:55:35 Battle #6
1:13:50 Build Mode #3
1:15:23 Heathern’s Theme
1:16:31 Wartorn
1:26:45 War Machine
1:35:09 Archineer’s Theme
1:44:14 Ending Credits

Lock’s Quest – NDS – Composed by David J. Franco (@321thegame) on Soundcloud (KidwithKeyboard)

Three Twenty One (charity project) David J. Franco (Scribblenauts, Drawn to Life, Hybrid) with other composers Maximilian Weber (The Book of Unwritten Tales 2), Andrew Oakley (Alien: Isolation, Spartan Total Warrior) Jeff Van Dyck (Alien: Isolation, Total War), Bryan Mitchell (Geared), & Dominic Parris (Tactical Heroes, Masquerade)

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5 thoughts on “Lock’s Quest: The Source of Sound with David J Franco – PA18

  1. gallus

    Lock’s Quest is one of my favorite games of all time. I’m glad it’s getting some attention :D Great show!

    1. bmosley Post author

      Man, all three of us realized after the show that we all had the comic included in our copy. I’m so glad they did this but wish it was longer (or a full-fledged graphic novel)

  2. Torfkop

    I was lucky enough to catch probably the only advertisement they ever showed on German TV and immediatly looked up reviews only, to find that it was very well received and went out to get it. I really love this game, though I only recently beat it. Back then I got stuck on the swamp level where enemies come towards you from all sides.
    Never got to play the multiplayer, though I even gifted my friend a copy, but I think he never tried it.
    I’ll pledge my loyalty to you for covering this game.

    1. jbrunner

      Wow that is pretty lucky! And yes what a great game (in pretty much every way) that pretty much everyone missed.


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