Halloween Beats – PA07

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We’re getting into the holiday spirit with a Halloween themed grab bag. There’s been no shortage of creepy games released over the years so when putting together our list we made sure to choose ones that span the spectrum of fun and silly to mindbogglingly bizarre. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of something a little spooky or someone who likes something more disturbing…we’ve got you covered.

Track List:
0:00:06 …This was an Ancient Story – Nightmare in the Dark
0:04:07 Nightmare
0:05:34 The Deep Forest
0:07:56 The Cave of Death
0:15:35 Title  – Gargoyle’s Quest
0:17:04 Demon Border
0:18:28 Boss
0:19:49 Field Battle
0:28:31 Intro – Devilish: The Next Possession
0:29:17 Stage 3
0:30:12 Stage 4
0:30:48 Stage 7
0:38:35 Story – Vampire: Master of Darkness
0:41:31 Thames River
0:43:42 Epitaph
0:46:47 Ending
0:57:16 Kerosene – Clock Tower
0:58:56 Don’t Cry, Jennifer
1:09:16 Body Eater –  Splatterhouse
1:09:57 Evil Cross and Nightmare
1:10:59 Womb Antro
1:12:59 Hell Chaos
1:21:36 Title Screen – Decap Attack
1:22:20 Intro
1:23:35 Level 1
1:24:14 Level 5
1:24:57 Ending 2
1:30:03 Dolls from Hell –  (OCReMix) – Mazedude

Nightmare in the Dark (ARC, 2000) Composed by Kim
Gargoyle’s Quest (GB, 1990) Composed by Harumi Fujita, Yoko Shimomura
Devilish: The Next Possession (Gen/MD, 1992) Composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto
Vampire: Master of Darkness (GG, 1993) Composed by Takashi Horiguchi, Yoko Wada
Clock Tower (SFami, 1995) Composed by Kouji Niikura, Kaori Takazoe
Splatterhouse (TG16/PCE, 1990) Katsuro TajimaYoshinori KawamotoHiroyuki Kawada
Decap Attack (Gen/ MD, 1991) Fumito TamayamaHiroto Kanno

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One thought on “Halloween Beats – PA07

  1. Chip Chasterson

    Great episode, guys! I enjoyed listening to this interesting mix of lesser known spooky games (particularly Clock Tower).
    I had picked up Vampire when it first hit the 3DS eShop, but hearing the music again really makes me think of Zelda II’s soundtrack. It’s probably all of the high pitched “wah” sounds, something like a digital string instrument.


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