Madou King Granzort – PA52

Pixelated Audio - Video Game Music podcast and Retro Gaming Madou King Granzort SuperGrafx

Madou King Granzort was released in 1990 by Hudson Soft (developed by Mutech) for the PC Engine SuperGrafx. Sure, it’s a bit on the obscure side but we fell in love with this game almost immediately for its fun gameplay, challenging platforming, and vivid graphics. This little gem didn’t get a whole lot of love (namely due to being an exclusive SuperGrafx title) but packs a great soundtrack composed by Norihiko Yamanuki. 

Track List:Pixelated Audio - Video Game Music podcast and Retro Gaming Madou King Granzort SuperGrafx
0:00:09 Title
0:00:32 Stage Select
0:09:43 Stage 1
0:17:41 Stage 2
0:28:01 Boss
0:39:36 Stage 3 & 5
0:44:48 Stage 4 & 6
0:56:51 Stage 7
1:00:57 Final Boss
1:07:27 Ending

Madou King Granzort – 魔動王グランゾート NEC PC Engine SuperGrafx
Composed by Norihiko Yamanuki

VGMrips pack by 2ch-H can be found here!


4 thoughts on “Madou King Granzort – PA52

  1. Terry93D

    Ah, the wonderful sounds of the PC Engine: not quite FM, and not quite chiptune. Somewhere in between, a unique character all its own. I really liked “Stage 1” – it had the feeling of a live performance, to me. Norihiko Yamanuki did a fantastic job – it might’ve been nice to hear Kohei Tanaka doing it, but he actually doesn’t have any 8-bit games on his track record at all so far as I’m aware. It’s all SNES and onward stuff, nothing FM or chiptune. Rather interesting, I think – preference for orchestral music? no offers to write music for either of those platforms? Who knows.

    1. bmosley Post author

      Good point.. and you’re right. Who knows? Yamanuki nailed this one tho. Something about this soundtrack in general is just really top notch. Hope you enjoyed the show!


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