Galvanic Gunner Aleste – PA56

Pixelated Audio - Video Game Music podcast and Retro Gaming GG Aleste Galvanic Gunner Aleste Power Strike II Episode 56Compile was responsible for dozens of games in the 80’s and 90’s but well-loved for their amazing shooters like the Aleste series. Aleste got its roots on the Sega Master System but made a portable detour on the Game Gear for two installments: GG Aleste (1991) and GG Aleste II: Lance Bird (1993). These vertical shooters are a blast to play, look gorgeous on Sega’s first handheld, and are bundled with music from the SN76489 that totally rocks our world.

Track List:
0:00:06 Round 1 GG Aleste
0:10:42 Round 3
0:18:52 Round 4
0:30:12 Round 7
0:31:36 Round 8
0:41:10 Ending
0:49:02 Title Theme/Bonus
0:58:30 Title Theme GG Aleste II (Power Strike II)
1:03:05 Ground Base
1:04:05 Bionic City
1:11:06 Cyber Road
1:11:54 Cyber Road Boss
1:17:48 Boss
1:19:39 Unknown #3
1:25:40 Ending
1:33:26 Ancient Ruins (FM Arrange) by Justin Hill (Jace)

GG Aleste composed by Toshiaki Sakoda and Keiji Takeuchi
GG Aleste II/Power Strike II composed by Imami Pon and Ba. M (Tomonori Minami)

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2 thoughts on “Galvanic Gunner Aleste – PA56

  1. AnsityGames

    Hey man, I loved the ending track at 40:40, it reminds me of a track from another game but I can’t think of it :s
    Also thanks for mentioning Reclaim Earth, I appreciate it :D

    1. jbrunner

      haha that track was playing when I noticed this comment. Yeah its a very good example of a classic ending track! No problem on the plug! I want the game to get attention too, especially since I’m making art for it :P


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