Expansion Pack XVIII – PA77

Expansion Pack XVIII - PA77

In this episode we have a healthy dose of video game music from a variety of different games, systems and composers. Join in as we discuss the music and explore the games in Expansion Pack 18.

Track List:
0:00:00 B: The Prairie – Lucky Luke (GB/GBC) – Alberto José González
0:09:26 J: A Premonition – Styx – Ys III (X68k) – Mieko Ishikawa
0:13:31 B: Track 1 – Artist Tool (PCE) – Unknown
0:18:31 J: Stage 2 – Reon’s Adventure (PC) – Unknown
0:24:23 B: Perfect Transformation! Star Ruby – Bunretsu Shugo Shin Twinkle Star (PC-98) – Hiroaki Sano
0:30:07 J: CAMANIS – Tyrian (PC) – Alexander Brandon, Andreas Molnar
0:37:46 B: Round 1-3, 3-3, 5-1 – Riot Zone (PCE CD) – T’s Music
0:47:29 J: I’ll Save you All My Justice – The Scheme (PC88) – Yuzo Koshiro

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One thought on “Expansion Pack XVIII – PA77

  1. gotanda

    Good episode! I think this is the first time an Alberto Gonzales track came up on this podcast, but he’s a good, underrated composer. Would be nice if he came up in other expansion packs.

    I’m more familiar with the Oath in Felghana arrangements of Ys 3’s soundtrack, but you can hear a small motif from the town theme in the X68000 version of Premonition. Not sure if it’s in any of the versions of Ys 3’s soundtrack, but it’s a cool reference.

    The Scheme has a great soundtrack as well. Yuzo Koshiro actually uploaded an arrangement of I’ll Save You All My Justice with some of the Famicom VRC6 on his Soundcloud, which is pretty neat. Here’s a link, if you’re interested.


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