Angelic Warrior DEVA with Robert Vroemisse – PA177

Today we’re joined by composer and graphics artist Robert Vroemisse for Angelic Warrior DEVA, a modern indie game for the MSX2 released in 2020. Together we talk about the game, the development process, Team DEVA and gaming in the Dutch MSX scene.

Angelic Warrior DEVA is a fast-paced, tough as nails action RPG for the MSX2 created by Team DEVA; made up of Robert Vroemisse (pronounced “Fru-miss-uh”) on graphics and most music, John Hassink another MSX scene legend on additional music, and Bart van Velzen the mad lad behind the coding of the project.

Robert Vroemisse who typically works on graphics is the main composer out of necessity but what a killer job he did. The soundtrack is absolutely jam packed with amazing music written for the combo of MSX-AUDIO (OPL1) and MSX-MUSIC (OPLL) and we couldn’t be happier to talk with Robert about it.

  • For more info about Robert check out his profile. For the soundtrack to DEVA itself, you can listen to it on Robert’s YouTube, on VGMRips, or for download on
  • For more music by John Hassink, check out his YouTube channel
  • To purchase Angelic Warrior DEVA, either email Team DEVA frantically for a physical copy or buy it digitally here.
  • Tadahiro Nitta’s album Coordimates with cover art by Robert

Track List:

All songs composed by Robert Vroemisse unless otherwise stated

  • 0:00:00 Title Screen
  • 0:00:29 DEVA Audio Test Menu
  • 0:11:33 Area I – VR testing facility
  • 0:22:00 Introduction Demo II
  • 0:27:01 Area II – Sky Aquaducts
  • 0:35:56 Boss Theme
  • 0:41:53 Area III – Geyser Plains – by John Hassink
  • 0:46:12 Area IV – Plasma Factory
  • 0:53:53 Area VII – Construction Site
  • 0:59:11 (Excerpt) Construction Site rearranged
  • 1:03:42 Area VIII – Death Zone – by John Hassink
  • 1:12:32 Mid Demo II
  • 1:15:58 Area X – Arctic Mines
  • 1:24:39 Shop Theme (Neutral)
  • 1:28:11 Shop Theme (Bad)
  • 1:29:23 Shop Theme (Good)
  • 1:36:09 End Demo II
  • 1:40:27 Game Over

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